Third-country Citizens from Countries with Risk of Infection to Enter Czechia Easier

Are you a third-country citizen from a country where the epidemiological situation has gotten much worse? And do you want to come to Czechia? As of 4 May, the Czech Ministry of Health released a new measure amending the old decision concerning the travel of citizens from countries with extreme or low risk of infection. The new rules are slightly more convenient, so more third-country citizens will be able to enter Czechia.

As opposed to the original measure (valid from 17 April to 3 May), the new measure contains amendments guaranteeing that more people will be able to enter Czechia – with a little bit of patience.

Od 4. května má možnost se do ČR dostat více třetizemců než dle původního opatření MZČR.

From 4 May, more third-country citizens are allowed to enter Czechia.

What had been banned

Valid from 4 May 2021, The Ministry of Health banned entry to Czechia for all third-country citizens from countries not listed among countries with extreme or low risk of infection of COVID-19. This ban is also valid for third-country holders of temporary or permanent residence permit in these third-countries.




The traveller’s map and more information about this matter are available on the website of the Ministry of Health. There are exceptions to this measure. For example, if you get stuck in one of these countries but are a holder of permanent residence permit in Czechia, you can still return back to Czechia.

Who else has an exception?

  • foreign holders of long-term or temporary residence permit in countries with low risk of infection of COVID-19
  • holders of valid long-term visa, long-term, temporary or permanent residence permit in Czechia
  • foreigners who have been given a short-term visa after 11 May 2021
  • foreigners with long-term or permanent residence in the EU
  • family members, i.e. spouse, parent (if it’s an EU citizen below 21), child below 21 years of age, child of a spouse of an EU citizen, child or ancestor or child or ancestor of a spouse of an EU citizen if the child is dependant of the EU citizen or the EU citizen’s spouse
  • employees of international transport
  • accredited members of diplomatic missions
  • foreigners who can prove their partnership with a Czech citizen or EU citizens with temporary residence permit over 90 days or permanent residence permit in Czechia (based on a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)




Other exceptions include travels in the interest of Czechia (based on a confirmation), emergency and exceptional situations, and travels for the purposes of international cooperation of emergency services.

Amendments: the rule of 12 hours and 14 days

Valid from 4 May 2021, the Ministry of Health also banned entry to Czechia to foreigners who are citizens of countries with extreme risk of COVID-19 infection. The original measure was related to the citizenship of these foreigners. However, the new measure is connected to the time these foreigners spent in these countries.


All foreigners who have spent over 12 hours in these countries within the last 14 days are banned from entering Czechia. This rule is valid for both citizens of these countries and those foreigners who merely spent time there.




In practice, this amendment means the following: If a foreigner needs to get to Czechia from these countries, they can first relocate to a different country for 14 days – one that does not have this ban. After doing so, they can enter the Czech Republic even if they only have a visa (rather than residence permit).


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