PetSitting5: Professional & Home-Feeling Pet Sitting in Prague

Are you looking for a professional pet sitter with individualized and personalized care? Are you not really fond of standard big hotels for dogs with cages where you never know who takes care of your beloved pet? Do you need someone to look after your four paws friend when you have an appointment at the doctor’s, go on vacation or business trip? We would like to introduce you to PetSitting5, a professional English-speaking pet sitting service in Prague.

Pet sitting service
PetSitting5 is a professional English-speaking pet sitting service in Prague.

All dog owners want to be sure that their pet is in good hands while they are running errands or are out of the city with no possibility to bring their furry friends along.  If you don’t have anybody who could shelter your beloved fluffy companion for the time needed or you simply prefer professional daily care, then this dog hotel is a perfect solution for you. PetSitting5 is located in Zbraslav, a quiet zone close to nature only 15 kilometres from Prague. They offer accommodation for your dog in a friendly home environment with all the necessary conditions for their welfare.

Quality over quantity

PetSitting5 was founded by Jana Stankova, three years ago once her two children moved out of the house. Her love for dogs has grown over the years. She has more than 20 years of experience with taking care of dogs of her own and of her friends and given the premises and the location, she has decided to turn her hobby into a family business. The clients vary from expats living in Prague, business people with a heavy travel schedule, to close friends and family members. Jana has a friendly and individual approach to each and every client and takes care of their dogs, as of her own. Once you visit PetSitting5, you will understand why so many clients of hers keep coming back without any hesitation.

Premium Pet Sitting Service
At PetSitting5, they take care of dogs as of their own.

Intending to make the dogs feel at home and keeping the motto quality over quantity always in mind, the hotel serves up to five dogs at the same time, since this is the only way to ensure high-end service with an individual approach towards every one of their canine clients.

Wide range of services

PetSitting5 provides short-term care that can go up to twenty-four hours and long-term care for up to one month. During that period, the dogs will spend their time playing in the garden with other dogs, which stimulates the interaction with other pets. Furthermore, twice a day they will also enjoy nature walks, which is possible thanks to the outstanding location of the facility far away from the city centre rush and noise. Additionally, upon previous agreement, PetSitting5 provides grooming service, like bathing and delousing, and in case of need, transportation to a veterinarian.

Furry guests of PetSitting5 enjoy nature and walks.
Furry guests of PetSitting5 enjoy nature and walks.

Arrivals and departures of the dogs are upon previous agreement so as it suits both you and the dog care. This individual timing can be agreed upon communication with Jana Stankova. Therefore, if you intend to leave your dog in her care or have questions, do not hesitate to contact her. Also, follow PetSitting5 on Facebook and Instagram where they regularly post lovely photographs of their guests.

Photos: Jitka Metličková

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  1. How can my daughter, who is from the U.S. but is living in Prague for a year right now apply to work or volunteer with you? She is a dog addict and has been there 1.5 days. Already missing dogs greatly! Thank you so much,
    Christina R.

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