Coronavirus in Czechia: Non-Essential Travels to Country Now Banned

All travels to the Czech Republic for non-essential purposes are now banned as decided by the government on Thursday, January 28. Without an essential purpose, foreigners won’t be, therefore, allowed to arrive in Czechia. This measure was announced on Friday and came into effect already on Saturday, January 30, 12:00 AM. It will remain in place until stated otherwise along with the other countermeasures which are now in effect.

Unexpected News

Foreigners coming to the Czech Republic for other than essential purposes aren’t allowed to enter the country from January 30, 12:00 AM. This new measure was approved on Thursday, January 28 together with several other new restrictions. It was, however, announced unexpectedly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs one day later on Friday, January 29, via Twitter.




The only exceptions to this restriction on travelling apply to the following cases:

  • People travelling for work or business activities;
  • Travelling for the purpose of studying, which also includes travelling for exams and practical lessons;
  • Necessary visits to family and close persons;
  • Travels to medical and social care facilities, which includes accompanying family members and close persons to these facilities;
  • Handling of urgent official matters, which includes accompanying family members and close persons;
  • People entering the country for the purpose of ensuring security, internal order and social care;
  • Travelling for the purpose of protection of health, infrastructure and public transport;
  • People travelling for weddings and funerals.
Woman travelling
Ban on non-essential travels to the Czech Republic was announced on Thursday, January 29 and came into effect on Saturday, January 30.

This applies to all newly-arriving people regardless of which country they are coming from; that is, countries marked green, orange and red on the coronavirus travel map. This means that for people travelling for non-essential purposes, the Coronavirus Traffic Light System basically ceases to apply, despite the latest changes of the system having only recently been implemented




Those foreigners coming for essential purposes are, however, still obligated to follow the current hygienic measures and restrictions upon arriving in the country. This obligation does not apply to children under the age of five.

It is expected that this restriction will be in effect for as long as the other current restrictions are. They should be lifted once the state of emergency is over. Which is now in effect until February 14, but it is likely to again be extended. Because of that, it’s probably safe to say that this restriction on travelling will be in place for the foreseeable future.

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