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bloggif_5880dc01abf87 Do you want to party? Prague is one of the best cities in Europe for that ! Do you want to vibrate on the rhythm of electro music, dance, or hip-hop music, party on a boat, drink a cocktail in a chic bar, or simply enjoy a beer in a good Czech pub? All of this is possible in the Czech capital! But where? has created several top 3 venues according to your wishes:

3 best typical bars:

1) U Sudu

u sudu If you’re looking for a spot generally hidden from tourists and frequented by locals, U Sudu has the right atmosphere (for now at least). Past the small entrance, you’ll wander into a maze of rooms that make up the wine cellar-turned bar. Sip a merlot or chianti while chilling out in the barely-lit cellar, or play some football at one of their many tables. Phone: +420 222 232 207 Website:  Address: Vodichkova 677/10

2) Solidní jistota

Some bars may have a concept above providing a place to get wasted and meet people, but rarely bars have the whole philosophies. With a name like “Solid Uncertainty,” one should expect an existential crisis served up with a pint of pilsner. Luckily, their overriding ambition is to provide you with a comfortable place to have a good time. On the weekends, guest DJs spin the latest butt-shaking tunes. During the week, catch a show on their “Talent Stage,” where beginning bands and individuals have their chance to play! Phone: +420 602 387 598 Website: Address: Pštrossova 200/21

3) Atmosphere pub

atmosphere pub It might look tiny, and during the day it’ll likely be empty except for the small room by the bar but there’s a whole indoor and outdoor restaurant with huge wooden tables which is part of Cafe-Pub Atmosphere. As the crowd is more local than tourists, Atmosphere’s beer is cheaper than in most Old Town pubs. In addition, they offer an extensive menu of fish, meat dishes, pasta, risotto, baguettes, and so on. Then, work off that filling meal with a round of table football! Phone: +420 222 222 114 Website: Address: Smetanovo nabrezhi 327/14 | Karolíny Světlé 33

3 best original bars:

1) Anonymous bar

anonymous A most original place where you can taste cocktails more original than the others in a neat and magical atmosphere, all served by masked bartenders. We advise to make a reservation, though! Phone Number: +420 608 280 069 Website: Address: Michalska 432/12

2) Ice pub

ice pub Are you looking for an original place to have a good start of the evening? The Ice pub Prague offers an original concept in which you can stay 20mn? in a completely icy place to have a drink offered with entry into a glass of ice. Do not hesitate to discover this place which is completely frosted! Website: Address: Novotneho lavka 200/5

3) Stredoveka Krcma (Medieval bar)

medieval bar An exceptional place to eat good Czech food, enjoy a beer and especially enjoy the show given every evening! But do not forget to book! Phone: +420 602 524 725 Website: Address: Thunovska 198/15

3 best places to make a party

1) Prague Riverside

riverside parties Riverside Party is a wild 4 hours’ interactive experience that includes unlimited all-you-can-drink Czech beer and sangria, dinner, a tour of the castle-side of the river, and a very sound negative – put something else art project/graffiti party. But there’s so much more to it. Phone: +420 732 139 522 Website: Address: Karlova 12

2) Karlovy Lazne

Karlovy Lazne Four floors, four clubs, one entrance fee, all in the biggest club in Central Europe -, if you’re here with a big group of varied tastes in music, almost everyone will be satisfied in one of the rooms. Start at the bottom for your typical club house and?. Then, when you start to feel the pounding beats driving you mad, move upstairs to some 70s disco, and when you can’t dance any longer, chill out with mellow electronica and rock on the top floor cafe’s cushions and couches. Phone: +420 222 220 502 Website: Address: Smetanovo nabrezi 198

 3) M1 Secret Lounge

M1 secret lounge The first thing you might notice walking up to M1 is the sign outside which says “No Stag Parties.” Finally, a place one can lounge and chat with friends without the threat of a group of rowdy islanders drooling down your shirt. Although the drinks and the ambiance are a little more upscale than in more student-oriented bars, it’s well worth it just for the knowledge that everyone around is as hip as you and the atmosphere remains civilized. Plus, for fans of great music, on Wednesdays there’s an Indie/Britpop/etc. night, so this is probably the only place you’ll get to sip martinis while listening to Blur and The Arctic Monkeys. Phone: +420 227 195 235 Website: Address: Masna 1

Don’t forget:

The Prague Beer Museum

Prague Beer museum Is beer the main reason for you coming to the Czech Republic? Then come and discover the Beer Museum. It’s a small beer bar where you can taste many varieties of Czech beer. Phone: +420 732 330 912 Website: Address: Dlouha 720/46


Vnitroblock Are you looking for a place to chill and drink a coffee, have a soup or a glass of wine and make some shopping, all of that in an industrial atmosphere? You have found the place of your dreams! Phone: +420 770 101 231 Website: Address: Delnicka 32 (Komunardu)

The Saints 

The saints This small and cosy bar is in the heart of Vinohrady, where Praha gay district can be found. In the area, there are several gay bars and hotels, but if you’re looking to lounge about and relax for a night The Saints is the only place you’ll need to go. With plenty of comfortable couches, an extensive drink menu, and a warm atmosphere with friendly service, The Saints is the perfect place to just chill out and listen to good music.

Phone: +420 222 250 326


Address: Polska 32

Clement Thonneau

Thanks to my studies I was able to travel, especially in Brazil where I learnt that the integration in a country passes by all the small information collected. That's why I take care to help you in your life in Prague through my publications. So, enjoy!

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