Tip for a Trip – a Day in Velké Meziříčí

Do you miss travelling? Would you like to go for a one day trip? We may have a tip for the destination you will fall in love with! Only a few cities in the Czech Republic can be seen from such a height as Velké Meziříčí. One of the highway bridges – the highest highway bridge in the Czech Republic – on the D1 route from Prague to Bratislava leads over the city. From the highway, you can see Velké Meziříčí in the palm of your hand. Velké Meziříčí is a town in the Vysočina Region and it is 52 kilometres from Brno

Must GO & VISIT in Velké Meziříčí:


1) Fajtův Hill

The lookout tower was built in 2015. The lookout tower is in the shape of a DNA helix with a height of 36 m, with 175 steps. Access to the lookout tower in Velké Meziříčí is possible via a self-service machine that accepts banknotes and coins up to the value of CZK 200. The entrance fee is 20 CZK and the machine returns coins. There is a beautiful view of the whole city from the lookout tower and you can be lucky enough to see the Alps when the weather is nice! At night, the lookout tower is illuminated in colour.



Are you a winter person? The Fajtův Hill ski area lies at an altitude of 550 meters and consists of one slope. The length of the track is 460 meters and offers space for beginners as well as advanced skiers. Transportation is provided by one lift with a transport capacity of 1,000 people per hour. You can let your car in the free car park. Ski resort Fajtův Hill has a ski school, ski service and refreshments. There are also obstacles for snowboarding lovers.




2) Jelínkova Vila

Jelínkova Vila is a stylish combination of a hotel with an excellent fish restaurant and a home brewery. It has a very stylish and historic interior and it’s popular for unfiltered and unpasteurized beer Harrach, which was awarded the Czech Beer Seal and Mini-brewery of the Year award. Recommend to order some delicious fish for lunch and taste the beer!

3) Chateau

The chateau in Velké Meziříčí was created by numerous reconstructions of the original castle from the 13th century, which guarded an important crossroads of trade routes. You can see the Sarajevo Salon, the Oriental Lounge or the dance hall with the mourning necklace of Empress Maria Theresa

The castle garden is another great place for a walk, which is now a bit more magical in autumn due to the colourful leaves.


4) Termoska

Termoska café and bistro with vegan and vegetarian cuisine is located directly on the main square in Velké Meziříčí. Very friendly Tereza and Monika make an excellent and quality coffee, gluten-free and vegan cakes, breakfast and lunches. Girls do homemade lemonades, fresh, smoothies and you can also buy hazelnut butter, which Terka and Monča make from handles and hazelnuts. Must have to visit this place! 


5) St. Nicholas church

The dominant feature of the square in Velké Meziříčí is the church of St. Nicholas with a lookout tower. There has been a clock on the tower since the 16th century. Today’s clock is from 1949 and is, with a diameter of 420 cm, the largest illuminated clock in the Czech Republic. After climbing 153 steps to the gallery of the tower, you will have a wonderful view of the whole city.

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Source of information and images: Kudyznudy.cz, Turistikavm.cz,Vysocina.eu

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  1. Ahh, Velmez. I live near there. Harach Beer is good stuff and the Zamek is worth a visit.

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