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Are you an architecture enthusiast? Well, then Brno is an absolute must for you! Besides mixing various architectural styles over the entire city, the city has several villas that are definitely worth a visit. Villas in Brno can be generally divided into two groups and whether you enjoy clean architecture or something more decorative, it definitely has a lot to offer. Are you a sworn minimalist? How about visiting villa Tugendhat or villa Stiassni? Or perhaps if you enjoy decorations and skilful art, you can visit Jurkovičova villa. Brno has it all.

front of villa Tugendhat

The front of villa Tugendhat (source)

Villa Tugendhat – the Functionalist Jewel

Tugendhat is arguably the most famous villa in Brno. It was originally built for Greta and Fritz Tugendhat but over the years it became a significant landmark of Brno. The architect – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was quite a persona. He was very firm in his aesthetical beliefs. For example, did you know that the famous quote “less is more” was used by him very frequently? To call him the originator of this phrase may be too daring but you cannot overlook that his architecture reflects that a lot. There is nothing that is not absolutely necessary in the villa. If you decide to visit it you will be able to enjoy clean lines, absolutely undisturbed by any additional decorations. It is basically the minimalist’s dream. The interior, as well as exterior of it, is so famous that it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
Like many people, I have also believed that the villa stands in some remote place but the opposite is the truth! Villa Tugendhat is right there within your fingertips in the district Černá Pole. You can get there by trams n.9 or n.11 to the station Tomanova. The villa is situated on top of a nice hill so the front windows face the city and the view is quite beautiful. To go visit this place, however, you have to book your place in advance but don’t worry, the commentary is also provided in English so book your spot accordingly. 

Captivating interior of villa Stiassni (source)

Villa Stiassni

This villa was built for a factory owner in Brno – Alfred Stiassni. He lived there with his wife Hermine and their only daughter Susanne. However, the Stiassni family wasn’t able to stay there for long. After nine years of staying there, they had to run away from the Nazzis. After the war, the villa became a luxurious hotel for prominent visitors to our government. It hosted such remarkable people like the Czechoslovakian presidents or even Fidel Castro.
The building was built during the year 1927-1929 by a prominent architect based in Brno – Ernst Wiesner. The outside of the building will capture you by a purist facade with enormous top ledge, remarkable windows and captivating entrance. Inside you will be amazed by luxurious detail corresponding with the style from the First Czechoslovak Republic. You will find there salons covered with wooden walls, marble fireplace, stuccoed details and historical furniture.
You can go out of the villa to a spacious terrasse that leads to an even more spacious garden. It surrounds the building from three sides and it provides it with privacy and it was also used for sport. The garden includes a tennis court and a pool as well.

The guide speaks only in Czech but it is possible to get an English or German text to accompany the visit. It is also possible to get an English or German-speaking guide if you say so in advance. You can get there with the trolley n.38 to the station Marie Pujmanové. 

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Jurkovičova villa

The functionalist villas are so significant that one may think that that’s the only style that Brno has to offer. It is the truth that functionalism formed the city’s visual identity in a significant way. However, to dismiss the rest would be a great pity. For this reason, I would like to present you with Jurkovičova villa – a prominent Art Noveau jewel. It is situated in the Žabovřesky district. To get there is slightly more complicated than in the case of the last two, but if you take the tram n.1 to the station Bráfova, it will take you pretty close. This villa, in particular, represents the beauty of Art Noveau in Bohemia and I can only recommend it.

Of course, those aren’t the only ones that you can visit here. Honorary mentions, including other architectural landmarks, are for example:

  • Villa Löw-Beer
  • Hotel Avion
  • Savoy coffee shop

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