Fulfil Your Travel Dreams While Working at Lufthansa InTouch Brno

Loads of people dream of having a job which would allow them to travel cheap and high standard during their vacation while feeling useful and needed at their workplace. Are you one of them and eager to find a job just like this? We might have one for you: work for Lufthansa InTouch Brno and see your dreams come true!

The Team Leader for the German market Joe during his trip to Rio

What are the benefits?

Every corner of the globe is worth seeing: either for its lush and magnificent landscapes and nature or for its buzzing and never-asleep city life. Despite what you choose, you’ll always get a wonderful experience from visiting any country of the world, however, the first issue that might pop up is where to find cheap tickets. Sounds familiar? While working at Lufthansa InTouch, you can forget about problems like this – Lufthansa InTouch Brno is offering a lot of opportunities for its workers: starting with ridiculously low-priced tickets and ending with a complete immersion in the airline industry.

Read about Joe and his experience of working at Lufthansa InTouch Brno:

I’m Joe, I’ve been working for Lufthansa InTouch for 5 years now as the team leader for the German market. My job is to manage a team of around 50 customer service consultants from all over the world who are responsible for assisting our Lufthansa passengers with anything from a simple seat reservation to selling a first class ticket to the other side of the world. I’m originally from the United Kingdom but due to my Austrian heritage, I am also fluent in German.

Joe in Lufthansa Business class

Throughout my time in Lufthansa InTouch Brno I have taken advantage of the incredible flight discount benefit, I’ve been around the world three times and have traveled to more than 45 countries, some of which being the most incredible and most isolated places on Earth, places that I never would have dreamed of traveling to without this perk. Some of the many examples I have are Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and many more. My most significant trip being first to Dubai, then to Tokyo, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Chile, and Argentina all in three weeks!”

Why Lufthansa InTouch Brno?

As a customer, you might have experienced a bad service with some companies, which led you to feel uncomfortable. With Lufthansa, you can be sure of the fact that they won’t let it happen to their customers! At Lufthansa InTouch, care for a customer’s wish is the number one thing. They always try to make someone’s day and be the best at connecting with customers. Make someone’s day and Lufthansa InTouch will make yours, every single day!

Joe and his new acquaintance in South Africa

Feels like the right moment to apply for the job? Don’t waste it and grab your chance right now! Take a look at our previous article about Lufthansa InTouch Brno and get to know them even closer.

Learn more at the official Lufthansa InTouch Brno website, Facebook and Instagram!

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