Traveler and Past Domeq Resident Carl: You Can Do Anything If You Put Your Mind to It

For 5 and half a month, Brno and Domeq became a stop on the way of a worldwide traveler Carl Muies, known as Travel With Carlo. Originally an English gentleman with family roots in Italy, Carl has been living in more than 60 countries so far. How does he make money for traveling? What is his best experience and where is his next move?

So, you retired when you were 30 years old to travel the world. Really?

Yes. In early 2013, after spending all my holiday allowance in a few months and then spending the rest of the year dreaming about going on holiday, I decided that I would make a plan to in essence be on holiday full time.
I needed to come up with a plan to earn a passive income, though, as photography does not bring a steady income and I did not want to be stressed of money issues. So I settled on a property and the rest is history. In early 2016, I decided to leave my position in London to follow my dream of visiting every country in the world. Since then I have visited over 64 countries and taken part in some truly amazing experiences. I believe in the power of positivity. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Don’t let societal norms dictate your future.
Carl at the largest and fourth deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Can you name 3 of your most favorite countries?

India – I’m not a spiritual person but for some reason, this country changes you if you spend more than a few months there you come back a different person. From extreme poverty to the most beautiful landscapes in the world, India has everything.
Colombia – sunshine, smiles and happy people. I felt immediately at home. It was a place of extreme beauty & happiness as it is a wondrous place, indeed.
Japan – since I was a kid I dreamed of coming here and when I finally got the chance it did not disappoint. it’s like being on a futuristic planet.

You don’t have a full-time job. What do you do with all that free time?

I tell people that it is like I’m a bird I can fly where ever I want whenever I want. I am not confined to the 30 days of annual holiday per year, I don’t have a boss I don’t need to ask if I want to go somewhere. I actually do a lot.  For example, I became a pilot, learned languages, learned to ride a motorcycle, became a better photographer, renovated a home, volunteered for charities, collaborated with national tourism boards.

What’s your best experience?

Learning to become a pilot in the Czech Republic, honestly. It was tuff, becoming a pilot is not easy, there are so many exams & regulations but the feeling you get when you are up in the air in a small aircraft is something special, nothing compares to it.
Carlo came to Brno to become a pilot.

Speaking about Brno. You lived in Domeq. How did you like it?

I love it I made so many lifelong friends. It was the best place I have ever lived in terms of community.

Let’s talk about revenue streams. How do you make money?

This is an interesting one to answer. My main revenue stream comes from a few properties that I rent out and even though it’s not a big portfolio its enough per month to live in any city in the world. I also collaborate with national tourism boards, hostels & hotels.
The thing you have to understand is that my motivation is not money. My true motivation is to help people. I am now in a position where I have total freedom. I believe that people in that type of position should help to make the world a better place.
Japan is one of the most memorable countries for Carlo.

What quote sums you up best?

“Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”
 – The Dalai Lama
When I first saw this quote I had goosebumps. It was the way that I had thought for so long, its modern day society explained in a few sentences.
Travel with Carlo: Petra, Jordan

What is next for Travel with Carlo? 

Africa. I want to help charities stop poachers using my piloting skills to help save elephants & rhinos. I would also like to use it for remote communities that need medical help. Africa has a shortage of pilots and if the charity finds a pilot they want to be paid, I’m different I don’t want to be paid. For me, it is a way to help the charity make a difference in the world.

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