Ideas for Summer Evenings: Open-air Cinemas in Prague

Are you bored of indoor cinemas that have been open a little while ago after some more coronavirus restrictions had been lifted? Or are you just looking for a place to spend some free time? If you enjoy outdoor activities, open-air cinemas will be perfect for you! There are a couple of nice places in the capital that play different movies and also hold various events, including both free and paid ones. Find out more about them in this article.

Open-air cinemas are the perfect choice for those who are sick of sitting at home or in general tired of being constantly inside of some buildings. Watching movies outside allows us to enjoy the fresh air and a good story at the same time! Moreover, we can bring along our friends or family or even pets to join us, which makes us enjoy the evening even more!

So, let’s begin with the list!

Letní kino Lihovar

Letní kino Lihovar [Photo source:]
This year, the screening takes place at a temporary location – MeetFactory – a former distillery premises (Prague 5), so you can expect a bit of post-apocalyptic vibe there, but in a good way!

Each Wednesday, you can go there to see a different movie for free! You can bring your own drinks and snacks, however, they provide a snack bar, so you might be interested in that as well.

The screenings take place every Wednesday at 9:30 PM, and the place is open from 08:00 PM. If the screening is cancelled, the cinema will notify you at 07:00 PM latest.

Program for the upcoming days:

14/07  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (USA, Czech subtitles)

21/07  Winter Brothers (Denmark, Czech subtitles)

28/07  Phoenix (Germany, Czech subtitles)

Letní kino Lihovar – website


Letní kino u Keplera

Letní kino u Keplera [Photo source:]
Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from June 10 to September 25, you can attend a movie screening in the park Maxe van der Stoel (Prague 6). Movies are screened either at 09:00 PM (most common) or sometimes at 04:00 PM.

When it comes to tickets, it costs 100 CZK to see a movie – you can buy them either online on their webpage or physically just before the screening starts. In case the weather is bad, the screening is canceled. There are also mobile toilets at the location.

You can also bring your dog with you, but only if it is kept on a leash – that’s great news for those that don’t want to leave their dog at home.

Program for the upcoming days:

15/07  Friday the 13th (USA, Czech subtitles) 09:00 PM

16/07  South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (USA, Czech subtitles) 09:00 PM

17/07  Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (USA, Czech subtitles) 09:00 PM

22/07  First Cow (USA, Czech subtitles) 09:00 PM

Letní kino u Keplera – website


Letní kino na Pragovce

Letní kino na Pragovce [Photo source:]
This open-air cinema provides us with a great alternative if bad weather occurs. Instead of canceling the show, they simply move it into the building. Moreover, the entrance is free!

The screenings take place in Pragovka (Prague 9) every Thursday at 9:30 PM.

Program for the upcoming days:

15/07   A Space Odyssey (USA, Czech subtitles)

22/07  Searching for Sugar Man (Sweden/UK, Czech subtitles)

Letní kino na Pragovce – website


Kino Stalin x Americké Filmové Léto

Stalin Letná [Photo source:]
Stalin Cultural Center together with the U.S. Embassy in Prague and the American Center prepared an event called “Americke Filmové Léto” (“An American Movie Summer”). Screening takes place in Letenské sady (Prague 7) and the admission is free!

Program for the upcoming days:

15/07  12 Monkeys (USA, Czech subtitles) 9:00 PM

29/07  VALL-I (USA, Czech subtitles) 9:00 PM


Moreover, they have a lot of additional cool events coming soon:

27/07  Future Jiskří vol. 1 – outdoor party with live music,  08:00 PM

28/07  Stalin live: Shakk-Attack feat. Longfingah & Yugo T, Loic DeNiro, OneHeartMan – live music, 07:00 PM

And many, many more!

Stalin Letná – website


What do you think about open-air cinemas? Do you have any favourite spots in Prague?

As a new intern at Foreigners Prague, I will be moving to the Czech capital pretty soon. And since I personally love to spend my free time outside, once I’m located in Prague for good, open-air cinemas will definitely be on my to-do list! I hope I can share some other nice spots with you soon.

Let me know in the comments what you think and enjoy!

Meanwhile, you can check out other favorite places in Prague to visit not only during summer!

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