Adopting a Pet in the Czech Republic

Who hasn’t felt a little bit lonely in the past coronavirus year with little to none social life and outdoor activities kept to a bare minimum? Multiple sources have stated that ever since the global pandemic, the rate of pet adoption has skyrocketed all over the world. How is it with pet adoption in the Czech Republic, the country where almost every second person is a dog owner?

Some may consider a pet as an additional member to the family, for others it may be an extension of oneself. Nevertheless, the circumstances, owning a pet comes with advantages yet some responsibilities too. Adopting from shelters helps the pet itself, the shelter and the country as well. 

Where can I adopt?

Only in the Czech Republic, there are more than 300 registered shelters. The majority of the shelter dogs and cats, but in some cases also rodents, reptiles and birds are being sheltered too. On the website of the State Veterinary Administration, you can find the full list of registered shelters and all other necessary information.

  • Shelters

    There are multiple websites where you can find information about the animals you would like to adopt. Our personal recommendation and with probably the largest selection of dogs and cats is Home4Pets. Their search engine allows you to filter amongst other criteria the sex, size, and age of the animal. Other reliable websites for sheltered dogs and cats are PesWeb and Dočasky.

    Some shelters also offer the option to adopt virtually. This means that either you can be a sponsor and support the shelter itself or you can help a specific animal without physically taking it home.

    In bigger cities, you will also find shelters under the municipal police. For instance, in 2017 the municipal police of Brno organized an open-air adoption event in Lužánky for their sheltered animals.

  • Social media

    Another source for finding a shelter is social media. Especially on Facebook, you can find multiple groups or organizations that help animals find a home. Often those groups or Facebook pages end with the sentence “…v nouzi” which translates to “… in distress” like for example “Chrti v nouzi”. One of the larger Facebook groups providing dog adoption is “Psi k adopci”. 

Owning a pet comes also with some responsibilities that do not concern the pet itself

  • Pet fees

    Not only do you have to register your pet in the city or municipality you live in, but you also have to pay an annual ownership fee. Depending on the area and accommodation type you live in, these fees may vary. For example, in Brno, the ownership fee for a dog ranges from 200 CZK to 1500 CZK. You will always find the necessary information on the respective websites of your municipality:
    Brno municipality
    Prague municipality
    Plzeň municipality
    Olomouc municipality
    Hradec Králové municipality

    Next to the ownership fee, you might face an extra fee when renting an apartment. The law states that landlords cannot really forbid you from owning a pet. However, they are entitled to express the wish of not wanting to have a pet in the rented apartment or they can raise the rental fee. Mostly this is based on possible damage to the apartment or the potential noise.

  • Adoption fees

    Also, the shelter will charge you for the adoption process itself. This is considered a good sign since it shows reliability and credibility, contrary to shelters or private people who don’t charge anything.

    Shelters have a list of adoption fees for their animals which is based on the kind of animal, its size, sex and age as well. Mostly, the cost for adopting a sheltered animal ranges from 300 CZK to 3000 CZK. However, there isn’t any law stating a given amount of money to pay for adopting a pet.

Taking shelter dogs for a walk

Do you, just like me, love dogs and would really want to own one, but cannot do so for multiple reasons? Then this alternative might be the right choice for you. Most of the shelters offer the opportunity to take a dog for a walk. You only have to reserve your date and time and can then spend a couple of hours with a thankful dog.

If you already own a pet and worry about what to do, when you need or want to leave for a trip, there are pet hotels and pet-sitting companies that will take care of yours. 

We can give you a helping hand

Do you want to adopt a pet, yet aren’t sure about the whole process or might have difficulties with the language? We will happily assist you!


Sources: State Veterinary Administration, Ouest France, Municipal Police Brno

Picture source: Pexels


Anna Muller

Hi there, my name is Anna and I am somewhat a foreigner in the Czech Republic too. Born and raised in Luxembourg yet having also the Czech nationality allows me to perceive the international flow from multiple perspectives.

15 thoughts on “Adopting a Pet in the Czech Republic

  1. hello
    “I need help for my dog”
    please read this with your heart

    Due to covid pandemic
    many people abandoned their dogs here in Iran, I Found him AKA”John” on the streets in very bad situation … I have illness, i had 4 surgeries before – and I’m preparing for 5 or maybe 6th surgery … and its really hard for me in this situation to take care of him alone … John must leave this country … Dogs are treated brutally and i know he will face an absolute death here,there is no services to stray dogs here and the law is anti-dog … the only option is to send out john to Eu country which the people are more soft hearted … its an step forward which sounds more logical and help me to deal with emotional pain that remains after he leave this country for a better tomorrow … 989302263378wapp

    1. Hi Kooshan,
      Unfortunately we cannot help you with this issue, but I’d encourage you to contact one of the shelters listen in this article. I know sometimes takes care of dogs who have been transported from abroad, so maybe they could help you.

      Best of luck to you and the dogs in Iran <3

  2. Hello,
    My son like dogs. I want to take a dog for a walk. Can you let me know how to reserve a date and time for walking a dog from the shelter, please?
    With kind regards,

    1. Hi Yewubnesh,
      you need to contact the shelter of your choice and arrange your visit with them :).


  3. Hello
    I’ve got Yorkshier terrier lady dog ( she is 10 years old ) , very lovely and adorable.
    I also have son of 5 years old and we discovered that he is very allergic for pet dander , saliva. His health conditions gets worse , allergologist said he is on the pathway to astma.
    So i’m looking for some kind person who loves dogs and can take care of my dog Pheobe…
    Thank you,
    I live in Prague.

    1. Hi Anna, this is not the best place to advertise this. Maybe you should join some dog groups on Facebook where you can explain your issue and put your fur baby up for adoption. There are good people in Czechia.

      Best of Luck,

    2. Hello Anna, I want to adopt a dog, I love Animals and I can pay attention to them. If you want , I can adopt und take care of your dog Phoebe.
      Sincerely yours
      Sanaz Khosravi

      1. Hi Sanaz,
        We are not offering dogs for adoption, but you can try and contact one of the shelters from this article. Best of luck finding your new furry friend!


  4. Hi,
    I am an EU citizen I am living in Czech Republic with employment card. I heard that I cannot adopt a pet from shelters. Is that true?

  5. I come from Africa but I live in Czech Republic
    I stay in Karvina and I want to adopt a dog for my wife
    Is it possible for me to adopt a dog for her

    1. Hello, thank you for your question! Please, contact our office at +420 533 533 787 to help you with this.

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