Long Stay Visa for the Purpose of Family Reunification in the Czech Republic

Are you a non-EU national settled in the Czech Republic and longing for your family to join you for a long-term stay? The solution comes in the shape of the long-term residence permit with the purpose of family reunification.

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As an employee working in the Czech Republic and owning either employee card or blue card, you don’t usually pay for the services regarding your work permit. But when it comes to the visa for your spouse, parents or children, it’s pretty much you who will take care of everything.

What are the requirements for the long-stay residence permit for the purpose of family reunification?

  • both the applicant and the foreign national in possession of a long-term or permanent residence permit must be non-EU nationals;
  • the applicant must be a closest family member (a spouse, a child, a parent) of the foreign national who has the residency permit;
  • It can be issued also for a not-married partner of the foreign national – in that case, the purpose of the visa is called “others” instead of family reunification but the process is the same.
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There are also a few points you should take into account:

  • EU nationals can’t apply for the purpose of the family reunification. They go for temporary residence permit instead.
  • There is a difference between the long-term visa which is usually issued at embassy and the long-term residence permit which is issued in the territory of the Czech Republic mostly (with a possibility to be proceed at the embassy as well if the certain conditions are met).

The legal deadline for processing a visa application is 2 months, however it also can take longer. It should also be mentioned that there’s a difference between a visa for married couples and the non-married. If a couple is married and one of spouses already has a long-term stay (not a visa), then they get a free access to the labour market. It doesn’t apply to a non-married couple, therefore the applicant doesn’t have a free access to the labour market and has to apply for a visa.

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At the moment, our consultant deals with current couples:

  • Russian family, wife and child uniting with husband, who lives in the Czech Republic and owns a blue card.
  • Indian family, wife, child and mother uniting with husband, who owns an employee card. Family will apply for reunification at Czech Embassy in India.
  • A partner uniting with his girlfriend, who is from Russia, currently lives in the Czech Republic and owns an employee card.
  • A partner uniting with her boyfriend, who is from Serbia, currently lives in the Czech Republic and owns a blue card.
  • A wife uniting with husband, who applied for a blue card at Czech embassy in Russia.

As you can clearly see, there are pretty many situations concerning family reunification in the Czech Republic. If you experience one yourself or would like to find out more, contact our office and we will help you out.

Karyna Babkova

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