Top 5 Most Popular Job Vacancies in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a particularly attractive location for both foreign employees and many international businesses due to its central location within Europe. With good transportation and infrastructure, it is an excellent base for doing business with Germany and Russia, for example. Czech’s infrastructure, combined with its reputation among investors as being a stable westernized market, means the country has succeeded in attracting a large amount of direct foreign investment.

Today, a large number of jobs with an average salary of 33,840 crowns (1,300 euros) per month in the Czech Republic are quite common. Highly paid vacancies are open to foreigners, especially those who graduated from Czech higher education institutions. Despite the fact, that there is a huge amount of expats working in the Czech Republic, the lack of a workforce is still notable. Hence, what are the most popular vacancies for expats?

  1. In the Czech Republic, as well as throughout the world, the leading position is occupied by the field of information technology and network administration. Programmers, IT specialists, WEB-designers and software developers remain in the top of the list!
  2. The second, no less important position are doctors and health care workers!  When researchers study the issue of labor robotization, doctors, as a rule, find themselves outside the “risk group”. They cannot be replaced by any cars, and they do not lose their importance. In addition, in many regions of the Czech Republic there is a shortage of medical workers, many of whom work overtime, so young doctors and doctoral students are in great demand!
  3. Next in line is a financial consultant! This is a person who consults his clients in monetary matters, analyzes and deals with financial situations and, on the basis of knowledge of banking and insurance services, creates a sufficient financial plan for the client. For this position, you will need financial education.
  4. The situation on the labor market is dynamic: new professions appear in the Czech Republic, old ones disappear, the demand and popularity of various specialties are changing, but only the demand for marketing analytics continues to grow! A marketing analyst ensures the success of a new product or service in the consumer market. A specialist in this field always keeps up with the presents and follows the trends! If you are applying for this position – you will need education in the field of management and economics.
  5. The list is concluded by chemists. Chemistry at the moment is a rapidly developing industry, and the most sought-after areas are biomedicine, biotechnology, and nanomaterials.

So, the Czech Republic is open to workers of various industries. Want to find a job in the Czech Republic, but do not know how to do it? Read our articles about job search using employment websites or social media.

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Veronika Khyzhniak

Veronika Khyzhniak

Hello, readers! My name is Veronika, and I come from Ukraine. I have been living in the Czech Republic for five years and definitely know many interesting and useful facts about this country! It is a pleasure to share them with you. Hopefully, you will like my posts! Enjoy :-)

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  1. Hi Veronika,
    i came accrosed your post during my job search and how to migrate to czech republic.
    i would appreciate if you can share with me some facts and possible ways to migrate
    to czech.
    .many thanks .

    1. Hello Bishnu,
      You have every chance to do it here in the Czech Republic! If you need some help with that, please write at and my colleagues will get back to as soon as possible. Thank you and wish you a lovely day!

    1. Hello Dil,

      Thank you for your question. We do not provide any job offers, but you will encounter any issues regarding visa, immigration or accommodation, feel free to contact us at

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  2. I’m currently living in the U.S. and looking to move to the Czech Republic in about a yea. What are opportunities like for English speakers and are their any opportunities for jobs in fitness?

    1. Hello Jay,

      Fitness is quite popular in the Czech Republic and especially in bigger (more cosmopolitan cities) like Prague or Brno your chances to find a job in this field are pretty high.
      Good luck and if you need help with relocating to the Czech Republic (or anything else), make sure to contact us – we’ll gladly help you! 🙂

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  3. I am from Nepal. I want to apply for hospitality industry in Czech Republic as I am a hospitality student. What should I go through to apply for working visa? Thank you!

  4. Hey I am from Jamaica and would like to visit Czech republic what are the requirements for me.

    1. Hi Phylicia,

      unfortunately, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently offers no information on your country. It may change but right now there is, sadly, nothing at all.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hi!
    Good day!
    I’m Interested to work to czech republic please me how?… My work experience is Waiter almost 3year and Laundryman almost 5year ang Housekeeping cleaner 1year and Welder 6months…

    Please help me… Ty

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