Krkonoše Mountains: To the Top of the Czech Republic!

Did you know that there are a lot of mountains in the Czech Republic? I believe that to some tourists calling the Krkonoše area “mountains” must sound like a little bit of an overstatement because the tallest point, Sněžka, has ‘only’ 1603 metres. Despite that Sněžka and the rest of Krkonoše mountains may not fulfil all your mountain climbing dreams, they still have a lot to offer! In fact, I could write several articles just about this beautiful area but today I am going to cover just the best of the best.

The remains of a fortress in Krkonoše mountains (source)

Winter fairytale and summer paradise

When planning your trip to Krkonoše mountains what you need to heavily consider is the weather and the time of the year when you decide to visit. Contrary to popular assumption, there are a lot of things that you can enjoy there during the summer. Some may think that the mountains are only entertaining during winter when you can ski. However, the truth is that during summer the mountains transform into an entirely different place. In winter you can go skiing for example in the Špindlerův mlýn area where you can also end your day in thermal swimming pools. In summer though the majority of cable cars are not closed! They are open to hikers! Maybe you get to hike to the top of the hill and you don’t feel like making your way back down. Or maybe you are more of a recreational hiker so you can make your way up in a cable car and you can walk back down. 

Spending the holiday inside of a TV transmitter?

Another well known dominant of Krkonoše is the mountain Ještěd. Compared to Sněžka it only has 1012. The lack in height is however compensated by the interesting buildings standing on top of it. The architect Karel Hubáček has decided to build something extraordinary here. The Ještěd transmitter – not only does this building serve as a TV transmitter but you can also spend your holiday here! Get this – it is also a hotel and restaurant, all in one beautifully constructed building! Ještěd is placed at the further left side of Krkonoše so getting to some more famous parts of these mountains may prove to be a bit tricky. The nature around it is still worth visiting.

An aerial view of the Ještěd transmitter (source)

The top of the Czech Republic

When visiting Krkonoše mountains, you definitely shouldn’t miss it’s most prominent dominant – the Sněžka mountain. Not only is it the tallest mountain of Krkonoše, but it is also the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic. Sněžka isn’t very tall, as mentioned before, so if you are a seasoned mountaineer looking for adrenaline hikes, Czech mountains probably aren’t for you. But that’s not the only reason why the mountain is worth visiting. Sněžka is a part of The Path of Czech and Polish Friendship. This path was opened to commemorate the cooperation of the Czech Republic and Poland. It is approximately 30 km long and it goes around the Czech-Polish border. Among other interesting viewpoints and hotels, it also leads to the Špindlerův mlýn resort area. 

View of the top of Sněžka (source)

The heart of Krkonoše mountains

Špindlerův mlýn is widely recognized as the commercial centre of Krkonoše mountains. Špindlerův mlýn, or Špindl, has it all – luxurious hotels, a huge number of restaurants, gift shops, thermal pools, and much more. Basically, you get all the comfort of a big city in the very heart of Krkonoše. If you would like to spend time in the Czech mountains but you still like the comforts of civilization like supermarkets and coffee shops open late into the night, Špindl is your place to go. It also has great accessibility to the rest of the interesting places of Krkonoše. If you are visiting Krkonoše during winter, you may find it convenient that there is the great Ski areal Herlíkovice right next to it. During the summer though you can visit the famous Krkonoše national park.

View of a bridge in Špindlerův mlýn (source)

The green paradise

There are several reasons why the Krkonoše national park is an interesting place. First of all, it is worth noting that it is the oldest national park in the Czech Republic – it was established in 1963. Be careful while walking around it though! The rules protecting it are VERY strict! No camping, no picking flowers, no walking through other paths than those designated for it, and absolutely no fire! Besides walking around and taking pictures, the Krkonoše national park is also great for educational purposes. There are several educational paths going through the park. That means that while walking through them you can read about all kinds of interesting stuff (from details about unique flowers and ecosystems to fun facts about animals living there). While you are there, it is also great to visit the peat-bog. Not only is the view unforgettable but you can also view several endangered species of flowers.

In conclusion: Going to Krkonoše definitely isn’t a one day trip. Coming back there several times is definitely worth it though! And not just Krkonoše mountains, the entire Czech Republic has so many interesting and sometimes unnoticed places to offer! Find out more in our daily newsletter where besides covering the newest coronavirus developments we also cover tips for trips around the Czech Republic.

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