Meet Foreigners Prague’s Executive Director Rado: Former Teacher, Now Leader of the Team

Today, we will look inside the company’s Prague branch, which means to have a chat with Radoslav Fašang, the new Executive Director who has been with us since last summer.

Rado on vacation meeting new friends

Rado, tell us something about you. When did you join Foreigners and what was your previous job?

Hi! My name is Radoslav Fašang, I’m 42 years old, born in a small city of Šahy on the border between Slovakia and Hungary in a teachers’ family which affected my first work as a basic school teacher. I started working for Foreigners in June 2018 and so far so good!

Rado and his team in summer 2018!

I previously worked in corporate business and I stayed there for more than 15 years. My job was to sell electronics and IT products, working for brands like Panasonic, Electroworld, Samsung, HP, Vorwerk, and others. I did my first step in Electroworld where I was at the bottom of sales but I continued to build a career in retail business.

What did you like about your previous job?

To be goal-oriented and to have the sales as a goal. That allows you to be always conscious about your performance (plain numbers help in this case!), also I think that sales approach is universal and can, or even must, be applied in all businesses to improve them to their top level. Sales help to have one goal and direction and to think that everything else goes in that direction. Like in the sport. I like to win and for winning you need to deal with teammates for a good result.

Was there something missing in this picture?

Not enough sales! Meaning that the main thing about it wasn’t there: the final satisfied client, which, at the end of the day, is your real boss. Having to deal with numbers only leaves you with the feeling of being just a gear in a bigger mechanism.

Rado with his son

Then I realized I missed the balance between private life and business, especially when my son was born. I understood that equilibrium is important both for me and for the people around meLast but not least: the need for a higher focus on ethics has grown and I want to find high ethical work here in my new role for Foreigners. I have to feel that care is fully oriented for the client, not to just sell and disappear: the client is not a lemon to squeeze. What I lacked in my previous job was the human component.

Which I think leads to the next question: Why did you choose Foreigners as the next step of your career?

Because I found the human component in this company. Here we actually help people, we provide a needed useful service and have to ultimately follow our clients through each step.

It is a way more meaningful to me to sell a product like this which is tailored to our clients, the expats, and assist them on their journey to become a real Prague citizen, to feel in this city like at home!

As in sales, everything starts with the client and we try to provide it all, aiming at how we help them find a home, how to deal with bureaucracy, health insurance, transport, you name it!

Can you explain to us what your job consists of here at Foreigners?

My role as the Executive Director is to be responsible for the office in Prague, for its P&L (Profit and Losses). I’m also in charge of the relocation and immigration services.

In addition to that, I coordinate and educate the team and help them to be accurate in their role, but still to keep the strategy and focus for the client’s needs. This balance between the responsibilities of the team and the client is the main strategy here at Foreigners.

Last but not least, as a new person in the company I need to be very close to the client, be with them in the meeting room and based on this connection I can improve our services. I’m here for you and whatever I say I have to do it. Keeping my word and establish a direct connection with clients is the best way to not make a mistake and to be at the same pace throughout the whole process.

You’re kind of an expat too. Why did you choose Prague and why do you like living here?

When I was a teacher a part of my family lived here and invited me for a summer holiday. It supposed to be a short period, didn’t end this way, though! I have been staying in Prague for more than 15 years.

I really like to live here. I was born when there was Czechoslovakia so I don’t feel any difference between the two countries. Prague gives me better economic opportunities for my family and more opportunities to be active, in sport, for example. It’s a vital city.

I also like and enjoy its architecture and all the cultural activities available here.

I always feel safe and at home here in Prague. I would recommend this city to all foreigners. They will feel at home in Prague very soon too!

Rado’s big hobby: volleyball!

Ok, That’s great! What do you like to do outside of work?

In the role of the teacher, I learned that my behavior and my words that I use can influence not only children but also the people around me. Therefore I believe in the meaning of ethics and its pattern in our lives.

I have been playing volleyball for 34 years, it taught me to be competitive yet to pay high respect to fair play and rules. I feel that helping people and being a gentleman even in the business is possible and I have a strong focus on that. My ideal formula is: be an ethical human, a good father and a friendly partner in any deal!

Ok, cool! Thank you very much!

What more can we say? We are very happy to have you on our team and we wish you good luck!

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