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First months in a foreign country, we’ve all been through this: searching for a nice apartment, signing the deal with the landlord and happily moving in. However, one might have certain concerns, as we all do, when signing something, we don’t fully understand, like a lease agreement in Czech.

Even if you were lucky to fnd your apartment through reliable real estate agency, used to dealing with foreigners, and the lease agreement is in English, it will still be based on the civil code of the Czech Republic. Most of us are very distant from the legal side of things, even in our home countries. In this article, we try to point out the main paragraphs of a typical lease agreement and those points, which primary deserve your attention.

Foreignerscz lease agreement
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According to the law, lease must highlight the following aspects:

  • Description of the apartment and its facilities. This means: an exact address, number of the building + number of the apartment, number of rooms in the flat, facilities (bathroom and WC), other premises which belong to the flat (e.g. balcony, storage room). The apartment should be described in great details, so that there is no chance to confuse it for apartment of the same size located on the same floor of the same building.  Common facilities should also be described in the agreement – some premises may belong to one apartment, some may be common and meant to be used by inhabitants of the block, like a bike storage room.

1.1         The Lessor declares that he is the rightful owner of the studio / 2-bedroom apartment (1+kk) no. XYZ, situated on the 1st / ground floor in the house no. 123. The house is standing on the plot no. 123456789, cadastral area Praha-město, city Prague, district Prague, at the address Legerova 1234, 120 00 Prague.

1.2         The Apartment consists of entrance hall, bathroom with tub, sink, toilet and a place for washing machine, residential room with kitchen with two electric cookers and refrigerator. There is a cellar and shared bike room located in the basement. In the apartment there is connection to a common antenna and the internet (the price is included in Payment for services).

  • Monthly rent and utilities and the method of payment. The tenant and the landlord shall agree upon the monthly rent, which relates to living in the apartment and using its facilities (e.g. electricity, heating, hot and cold water, gas, Internet – etc.) and common premises (waste collection, lighting and cleaning of common premises, lift maintenance, etc.). The lease agreement should also determine the method of paying rent.

3.1         The Lessee is obligated to pay to the Lessor the rent for the use of Apartment in the amount of XXXX CZK (in words: XXXX Czech Crowns) per every calendar month (hereinafter the “Rent”).

3.2         Payment for services connected with use of the Apartment, (hereinafter the “Payment for Services”) shall be paid by the Lessee monthly as advance payment. They consist of the following items:

  • electricity   XXX CZK
  • gas   XXX CZK
  • water/sewer rates  XXX CZK           
  • heating  XXX CZK
  • services  XXX CZK
  • lighting of common premises  XXX CZK
  • cleaning of common premises   XXX CZK
  • lift maintenance  XXX CZK
  • waste collection  XXX CZK
  • internet  XXX CZK
  • TV antenna  XXX CZK
  • anything else?  XXX CZK apartment search
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  • Period of time, for which the lease is being concluded.  Lease agreement can be signed for a definite period of time (6 months, 1 year, etc.) or an indefinite period of time (the date of the termination is not set, the lease continues to be valid, until it is terminated by an agreement or a notice). Pay close attention to the conditions, on which the lease can be extended. One option is, when the agreement is automatically extended, if the tenant didn’t notify the landlord about his wish to terminate, which should be done 3 months prior the end date of the lease agreement. Quite the opposite situation is, when the lease agreement is considered terminated, if the tenant haven’t informed the landlord about his wish to stay in the apartment 3 months prior to the end of the lease agreement. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how things are in your case. Either way, the best thing is to set a notification through your online calendar or smartphone to get in touch with your landlord 3 months before the end of the contract.

5.2         The Agreement is concluded for a definite period from 1 March 2015 till 28 February 2016. Shall both parties not agree otherwise as of the lease termination date, the Lease Agreement is automatically prolonged for another one-year period.

5.3         The Lessor shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the wording of Section 2288 and ff. of the Civil Code, by giving a termination notice with a period of 3 months, as well as Section 2291 without termination period when the conditions set therein are satisfied. The Lessee´s delivery address under this Agreement is the address of the Lessee at the Apartment, the Lessor´s the address in the heading of this Agremeent. It has been expressly agreed that the set deadline for notifying the Lessee of missing payment and the consequences thereof is 7 days of the posting.

Foreignerscz lease agreement
Lease agreement (nájemní smlouva) by
  • Apartment viewings. Let’s say, you will be moving to a different location after 1-year rental period. So your landlord will be looking for new tenants, while you still live in the apartment, and those future tenants will most definitely want to see the apartment before moving in. According to the law, the landlord has the right to visit the apartment on the date previously agreed with the tenant. Normally, the landlord will contact you in advance, saying that a viewing needs to be arranged, offering a couple different dates to make sure, the apartment will be available.
  • According to Czech law, the landlord can not prohibit smoking in the apartment or keeping pets there. One shouldn’t forget though, that after the end of the lease, the apartment should be handed over in its original state. Which means, that if you smoke in the apartment, you might need to fully repaint it and give all the textiles professional cleaning to eliminate the smell of smoke. Same applies for pets, the apartment might need a bigger renovation, if your dog likes biting on the dining table legs, or your kitty loves playing with the curtains 🙂 Even though the law is on the tenant’s side on this one, we recommend to discuss things with the landlord first and not do anything behind his/her back. Just remember, it’s all about personal relationships and your good (or bad) deeds come back to you.
  • Any other specific arrangement, which the tenant and the landlord may agree upon. For example, it can be a way of paying for repairs in the apartment (usually, small repairs up till 500,- CZK are paid by the tenant, everything above 500,- is covered by the landlord), cleaning premises outside the flat, etc. However, it is not possible to agree upon anything that is contradictory to the Czech civil code. For example, it is not possible to determine a different notice period than the one regulated by law, inviting visitors to the apartment can not be banned by the landlord etc.



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  1. Dear Anna.I’m from Srilanka. My daughter likes to do her education in czech republic. She is 15 years old. There are so many international schools in prague and brno. But it is more expensive. Can I find a job in brno? .
    I highly appreciate your coporation in this regard.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, great to hear from you! It’s a big decision to make, I can assure you Czech Republic is the best place to study and definitely the cheapest around Europe. I can recommend you to get in touch with Zuzana who is an expert in terms of education in the Czech Republic, here’s her email She will be happy to answer all your questions regarding studies, job search etc. All the best, Anna

  2. Hello
    I had two years contract wih my apartment. 3 months before the end of contract we extended the rental contract 2 more years. Now l would like to terminate my contract, because l need to move bigger apartment. I asked the owner and write that l will send a termination notification 3.5 months before leaving. The owner does not want to accept it and she said my termination notification will not be legal, she said there is no law for me. She did not write anything about the termination in the contract. I m not czech and l do not know that the owner should mention about the termination in contract. Before we sign it, l asked her how it will be if l want to move one day and she said nothing, you can move anytime and she did not put it into contract. The contract will finish in 2 years so l have to stay two years. I do not want to stay anymore. Could you please tell me, my termination letter will not have any autority under the law? Because there s no any paragraph in the contract about the termination? How it is possible to keep a person 2 years more even she does not want to live?is it legal?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Lau, thank you for sharing. In case your contract was signed for a definite period of time of 2 years, unfortunately according to the law it’s valid for 2 years and you’re obliged to stay in the apartment until the contract ends.
      My colleagues from can try to sort this situation out for you. Please contact at

      1. In that case why there is a point in the contract where it states that we can cancel the contract by prior notification 3 month before?

  3. Hi,

    Can I ask. Is subleasing the apartment legal?
    I rented the apartment for Czech Point 101 and the are subleasing the apartment.


  4. How much time i have by the law to leave the apartment? I didn’t pay for 3 months but a few days ago i did pay. I received a notice to leave a place at 22.01.2018. They want me to leave by 31.01.2018
    Can i stay there more time?
    Best regards,
    Alex Brown

  5. i wanted to ask about phone lines, i just rented an apartment here in prague and its a newly renovated apartment. The other day there was a technician who came and wanted to install the internet, the problem was is that the apartment does not have a phone line for the internet. is it not required that every apartment should have a phone line connected to it? for example emergency to call the police etc..

  6. I wish to know – from legal prospective – is it legal from the landlord’s side to deny the registration of permanent residency address for the tenant?

  7. Hi my landlords keep allowing themselves into my room to talk to me about things. We have an adjoining storage space, they don’t speak English and I don’t know what to say to them. They come in if my laptop is too loud, if I have friends over

  8. Hi
    My son took room to share with senior students, one of the previous student or leasse finished so there is an amendment in original leasse to add my sons name in old .
    But there is no paragraph to say 3minths for early terminating the contract.
    But the agent is not answering properly ignoring before signing the contract my son already moved in but the contract is not signed we paid all the money
    What can I do

  9. Hello, I am renting a flat with the owner, and I am about to give them a leave notice yet they are complaining that for two small damages a renovation like one stain of color on the door of 1 cm and the owner claims that whole door’s film needs to be replaced, a small burn invisible circle on the laminate kitchen counter and then owner is asking to renovate the whole kitchen counter of 2 meters,

    I am willing to fix the damage but not to renovate an old used place by them for the two damages just a cover fix would do in my opinion,

    What do you recommend because I read somewhere the following:
    Minor repairs and general maintenance costs of the Subject of the Sublease shall be borne
    and organised for by the Subtenant on his own account. According to the Section 3 and
    Section 4 of the Government Regulation no. 308/2015 Coll., as amended (hereinafter
    “Government Regulation”), minor repairs include repairs of the Subject of the Sublease
    and its internal equipment, if such equipment is part of the Apartment and is the property of
    the Tenant/Landlord based on the material definition or based on the amount of costs
    provided the cost of one repair does not exceed the sum of CZK 1.000 (Section 5 of the
    Government Regulation) and also the sum of the costs for minor repairs does not exceed
    the sum of CZK 100 per square meter of the Apartment’s floor area during one calendar
    year (Section 6 of the Government Regulation).

    1. Hello Alexandra,

      If the law states that, then you can use it to protect yourself from extra overpayments. If you have more questions regarding your issue, do not hesitate to write at and my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Kind regards,

  10. One of my flat mates have moved out today and not given me prior notice. The flatmate is now expecting me to cover her rent as there is no one replacing her. Are there any laws or anything to protect me in this situation?

    1. Hello Erin,

      thank you for your question. I believe there must be something to protect your rights. Please write your inquiry at and my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Best regards,

    1. Hi Frank,

      as far as I know, none of us has been ever asked to produce proof of income in such situation. It is not a part of the procedure and so it should not be required from you.

      Kind regards,


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