Coronavirus in Czechia: New Restrictions and Travel Ban for 8 African Countries Due to Omicron

The epidemiological situation in Czechia is not good. The government announced a new State of Emergency on 26 November, which should last for 30 days, and released a new batch of restrictions, including the closure of all Christmas markets and the limitation of cultural events to 1 000 vaccinated individuals. In addition, due to a new strain of coronavirus known as omicron, the Czech Republic has issued a travel ban for 8 African countries.


The Czech Republic has issues a travel ban on 8 African countries due to omicron.

The Czech Republic has issued a travel ban on 8 African countries due to omicron.


Sum-up of new restrictions

  • Restaurants, bars, and clubs now have to close their doors between 10 p.m., and 5 a.m. 
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public (including mulled wine and Christmas punches)
  • Food courts in shopping centers will only allow takeaways – you may not sit down and eat your meal at the location
  • Christmas markets have been canceled with the exception of Christmas tree sales and carp stalls


Public and private events 

  • Cultural events are allowed for vaccinated and formerly ill individuals, maximum capacity of 1 000 seated people
  • Matches and tournaments in amateur sports allowed up to 100 people
  • Group gatherings, celebrations, parties, and balls allowed up to 100 people


New quarantine and isolation rules

All household members will now have to get PCR-tested between day 5 and 7 if one of them tests positive for COVID-19. This new rule includes vaccinated individuals. 

However, while non-vaccinated individuals have to quarantine until they get their test result, vaccinated individuals do not have to. However, vaccinated individuals are obligated to wear a respirator and keep an eye on their symptoms until they’ve tested negative.

These PCR tests will be covered by public insurance from the authority of your regional Public Health Department.

Additionally, individuals who have been in contact with any infected person for longer than 5 minutes without wearing a respirator will now have to go into isolation as well.


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According to the Ministry of Health, from 13 December, parents can register children above 5 years of age to get the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer brand). 

Additionally, anyone can now get pre-registered for their booster shot, regardless of age or when they got their 2nd dose. You can get pre-registered at the Ministry of Health vaccination website. Once you’re in the system, all you need to do is wait for a text message that will ask you to come to the vaccination center of your choice.


Travel ban from Africa due to omicron

As of 27 November, all third-country citizens who spent the last 14 days more than 12 hours in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, or Zambia are banned from entering the Czech Republic.

Czech citizens, EU citizens, and holders of long-term residence permits (including employee cards and blue cards) may enter the Czech Republic under strict conditions. The Minister suggests that people postpone all travel to these areas.

This measure will be valid until 12 December (for now).

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Article source: ct24, chytrá karanténa twitter
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