Coronavirus in Czechia: Opening Hours of Restaurants Restricted

The Czech Republic will not raise its PES score despite the number of new COVID-19 cases slowly growing again, which would lead to the reintroduction of some countermeasures. The only changes that the Czech Republic will see as a result of the epidemiological situation getting worse, are the restrictions on opening hours of restaurants as well as some other minor measures. 




Restrictions on Restaurants

As the epidemiological situation in Czechia is worsening, the PES score rose to the number 64. Despite this, the government decided it won’t change the country’s status to PES level 4 which would inevitably lead to some restrictions being reintroduced. This means that the Czech Republic’s epidemiological status stays on level 3 for now. However, it was also decided that in order to curb the infection rate, restaurants, clubs, and bars will now have to close at 8:00 PM. This includes hotel restaurants and dispensing windows, too It will also be forbidden to consume foods and alcoholic beverages outdoors, including Christmas markets. The new restrictions are coming only one week after some of the COVID-19 countermeasures were lifted and will come into effect from December 9.

Closed restaurant
Closed restaurant

Other Plans

Another problem is the overcrowded public transportation which is caused by people travelling to work and school again. Because of that, the Czech government wants to appeal to the mayors to increase the frequency of public transport connections.

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The Czech government will also propose another extension of the state of emergency for one month. This means that if the extension is approved, the state of emergency will be in place until January 21. For now, it is in effect until December 12. It is expected the government will ask the House of Commons for the extension on Wednesday, December 9. According to the members of the government, this extension is necessary as the restrictions are tightly connected to it, and without the state of emergency, they would have to be released.




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