Changes in Immigration Law: Purchase Comprehensive Health Insurance from Slavia by 1 August 2021 and Save Money

If you aren’t covered by public health insurance, you need to purchase comprehensive health insurance from a commercial insurance company. According to the new version of the Czech immigration law, you can only buy this insurance from the PVZP from 2 August 2021. If you don’t want the PVZP insurance, you can still get insured with Slavia for cheaper if you close your contract by 1 August 2021.


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Insurance bought from Slavia by 1 August can be used to apply for a residence permit.


Changes in the law

As we already informed you, there is a new version of the Czech immigration law. A section of it states that all expats staying in Czechia for over 90 days who aren’t covered by public health insurance need to purchase their foreigners’ comprehensive health insurance from the PVZP insurance company. This new decision is valid from 2 August 2021 (including). 

According to the Ministry of the Interior, you can still buy comprehensive health insurance for foreigners somewhere else before this date and it will still be valid after 2 August. Buy your comprehensive health insurance From Slavia now and save money!


Will the MOI accept my non-PVZP insurance?

Yes! If you sign your comprehensive health insurance contract before the deadline (by 1 August 2021), the Czech Ministry of the Interior will accept this contract when you apply for a residence permit.

Are you applying for a residence permit this summer? According to the MOI, when it comes to health insurance, all you need to present from 2 August is one of the following:

  • comprehensive health insurance contract with the PVZP (signed any time)
  • comprehensive health insurance contract with another insurance company signed on 1 August 2021 latest

In some cases you may also need to present your travel health insurance for the first 90 days of your stay (basic medical insurance) along with your comprehensive health insurance contract purchased from the PVZP.


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Get your health insurance through our office!

We can help you purchase your comprehensive health insurance from the Slavia insurance company by 1 August 2021. Slavia’s comprehensive health insurance is guaranteed to be cheaper.

The extent of its coverage is comparable with public health insurance in the Czech Republic. 

You can count on:

  • emergency and urgent care
  • follow-ups and planned health care
  • dental – necessary and urgent care
  • hospital and diagnostic care
  • post-injury and post-operative rehabilitation
  • repatriation

Slavia also currently covers the cost of your COVID-19 vaccination via reimbursements.


How can I get it?

The process is easy as a pie:

  1. contact us with your request to arrange your comprehensive health insurance
  2. submit an online form with the details of your planned insurance
  3. come to the office to pick up the contract or ask us to send it abroad by express delivery

You can find a detailed price-list on our website. Note that there are discounts available for longer insurance periods, students, and with contract extensions.

Have you seen the same health insurance sold for cheaper somewhere? Get in touch with our office anyway and our immigration specialists will look into your case.

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10 thoughts on “Changes in Immigration Law: Purchase Comprehensive Health Insurance from Slavia by 1 August 2021 and Save Money

  1. Hi Tereza,

    Hope you are doing well.
    Does this change in Immigration Law affect Permanent Residents?
    We both are Permanent Residents and as such are on the Public Health Insurance via VZP.
    And while we are considered Expats in the sense that we immigrated from abroad we are actually Permanent Residents.

    Take care and stay safe,


  2. Hi Tereza,

    Hope you are well.
    You know cheaper isn’t always better. Our experience with Slavia did save us some expense in the upfront premium costs. Our last several-month stretch to get to the 5-year requirement for permanent residency had me using PVZP and my wife using Slavia.
    When we came to the end of needing our pre-permanent residency health insurance and then transitioning to VZP Public Health Insurance we asked for refunds from PVZP and Slavia for the unused portion of the last term policy we had and only PVZP gave a refund for the unused portion. Slavia would not. Our last policy was for 18 months. For me, VZP was 69,960, refund: 9414; Slavia for my wife 20000, no refund. We had 5 months left unused.
    Just sayin.

    Take care and be safe,

    1. Hi Dwight!
      These are important and interesting insights, thank you!
      Is it possible that the PVZP gave you a refund before you transferred to VZP, which is their sister company? I’m just guessing, it might not be true.
      One way or another, I’m glad you’re covered with the public health insurance now as that’s obviously easier!

      Hope you’re well!


  3. Hi Tereza,

    I began the process of refund after we were covered by VZP.

    Take care,

  4. It is wonderful to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you share, to say thank you, the information and knowledge here helps me a lot

    1. Hi run! Thank you so much for your feedback, we appreciate it! 🙂

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