Health Insurance with Foreigners: Fast & Smooth

Comprehensive health insurance is not only one of the preconditions to get a visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic for members of non-EU states but also a highly recommended step to make peace in your mind and minimalize costs of possible medical treatment. in cooperation with the Slavia insurance company provides health insurance for expats that can be easily done at our office or distantly in case you are still in your home country getting ready to relocate.

Comprehensive health insurance is suitable for a whole family.

To make the arrangement of your health insurance as smooth as possible we recommend deciding in advance for how long you want to be insured which basically means to go either for a full or emergency health insurance option.

  • Short term health insurance (emergency health insurance)

Short term insurance is ideal for periods of less than one year. It works well for individuals, for example, students on study abroad program, as well as families looking for general coverage. Also, the short term insurance can be a solution in case you are waiting for long term coverage through an employer or a private company.

It covers both medical and travel experiences. On the contrary, this plan doesn’t include long term conditions such as maternity or mental health so it’s up to you if that is enough for you.

  • Long term health insurance (full health insurance)

Long term (full) health insurance provides the insured person with complete coverage at the level as Czechs living in their home country have. It is specially designed for those who plan to stay in the country for a long period of time. It is useful for international students so they can keep the same insurance program throughout their studies and for families who need coverage for at least 12 months. Also, this is the best option for mothers to be since newborns are added to the coverage automatically.

It is annually renewable, less flexible but offers a higher policy maximum and additional benefits, for instance, preventative care. While the long term health insurance is more expensive it offers many benefits like wellness visits and preventative care.

Health insurance with can be easily done online.

Once you decide which health insurance is the best for you during your stay in the Czech Republic (if you are not sure don’t hesitate to ask our Expat & Immigration Consultant for an advice) there is nothing easier than sending us your request, then fill up the online form and come to our office to pick up the contract or have it sent to you abroad.

Find out more about Comprehensive Health Insurance in the Czech Republic and stay healthy! 😉

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