8 Cafés You Definitely Have to Visit in Brno

Many of us require a daily dose of caffeine to survive a hectic day and to make the most out of it. For some people, a simple instant coffee will suffice as long as it’s effective, whereas others require a special grind, sort and certain way of preparation. Luckily, if you live in Brno, your options are limitless. The Brno coffee scene offers a wide variety of different cafés: from small coffee shops to noisy and lively bars. Here’s the list of the top 8 cafés we recommend you visit while you’re staying in Brno!

Sweet and coffee heaven at Skog Urban Hub

SKØG Urban Hub

The ultimate king of Brno cafés. Skog opened several years ago and gained popularity pretty quickly. Its Scandinavian design and excellent coffee draw tons of visitors each day. Nowadays, the selection of drinks has expanded to cocktails and signature drinks, thus making Skog a perfect place for any time of day.

Milady Kaffe

After visiting the Foreigners office located on Milady Horákové street and feeling delightful about finding a proper flat to rent, you might want to treat yourself with a fresh grind drink. The coffee bar is modern, cutting-edge, and has a neon sign – what more could one ask for? Apart from coffee, the place offers legendary matcha and mate drinks such as Club Mate and Seicha Matcha.

Monogram Espresso Bar

Perhaps you may have found yourself ordering a cup of steamy, hot coffee at the McCafé near the main railway station in the centre, without even noticing the magical place hidden right behind the corner. It’s small, yet quite exceptional. The owner and main barista, Adam, was selected as the best barista of the Czech Republic in 2012 and 2018. Stop by for a cup of alternative brewing and beautiful latte art.

At Monogram Espresso Bar you can purchase carefully selected coffee beans

Café Momenta

With the summer days in full swing, I strongly recommend you visit their wonderful terrace. The variety of desserts, as well as their amazing coffee and delicious cold drinks, are breathtaking. All of this comes with a gorgeous view of Zelný Trh. If you fall in love with their desserts (which I hope you will), stop by their biscuit store Sušenkárna Momenta. It’s within easy reach from the café where you’ll discover many kinds of various biscuits.

Podnik Café Bar

For those who are looking for a perfect cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast too: visit this place! It won’t leave you disappointed. Soft lighting, wonderful drinks, and beautiful paintings are here to make your day blissful and dreamy.


This unique café is shaping up to be quite trendy during the summer days – don’t waste your chance to visit its cosy terrace! Sip your favorite drink, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the warm days.

Rebelbean Vlněna

A hidden gem in Vlněna business park. Don’t let yourself get scared away by the ugly construction work around the district and pop by this place some time. You’ll be absolutely smitten by the great design, amazing hand-crafted furniture, huge selection of drinks, and of course… The neon sign. It’s here too!

A bar view at Rebel Bean


Last, but certainly not least. The café is well-known for its special history and two co-founders: Petra and Adam. They are exceptional baristas who previously worked in London and carried their experience all the way to Brno. The cafe is also with a gallery where you can admire the work of local artists. A nice bonus for Domeq residents: the cafe is located nearby!

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