French Expat’s First Impressions of Prague

Dear readers,

I’m Camille, the new intern at Foreigners Prague. I am 19 years old and I am French but I was born in Vietnam. It’s been 5 days since I arrived in Prague and I’m going to live here for the next 6 months and I just wanted to write about my arrival: impressions, feelings and how Czech life seems to me.

To be honest, it is the first time I leave my home country and it is also the first time I leave my parents for 6 months. Last but not least, it is my first time in Prague. You understand it is THE whole new experience of my life!



First of all, I come from Vesoul, a very small city in the East of France. However I am not out of my element because there is also a river running through the city.

Prague is a very beautiful and historic city. I have already been to the famous Charles Bridge, Mala Strana (with the castle, the John Lennon wall) and done some shopping at Wenceslas Square.

I was also dazzled by the architecture of all the buildings, every street corner is a real pleasure for my eyes and as an Instagram addict I can’t stop myself from taking pictures. There are numerous street artists, a lot of jazz music in restaurants and bars open late in the evening… You will never be bored in Prague!



I was surprised of how efficiently are the public transports, from my home (Vinohradska) to the office (Karlovo Namesti), it takes me less than 10 minutes and there are trams every minute. Moreover, it is very easy to reach the very city center by bus and metro from the airport and the application Pubtran is perfect to know your way!

One thing I’m missing are mountains because in my city – wherever you are – you always see them in the surroundings.

When I arrived here, I realized that France reputation for food and wine really exists. Doing the groceries was a real challenge! As a real Frenchie abroad I’m already missing food: cassoulet, rillettes, saucisson and above all CHEESE!


(French speciality: tartiflette!)


Fortunately, a friend of my brother told me that I could find my happiness at Francerie in Prague 3 which is a shop where I can buy everything I am used to in France. One thing more, Czech people don’t seem very talkative at the first sight like for example at the post office but I’m sure it was a bad day!

It’s been only a few days since I’m here so that’s all I have to say for the moment, however I know that I will enjoy a lot my stay here. Don’t hesitate to share with us your favorite places/bars/coffees/… in Prague, I would be happy to know!


Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

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