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In September and early October many foreign students arrive to the Czech Republic to start their first year at a Czech university. As universities in the Czech Republic offer such a variety of study programmes in English, there is no surprise hundreds of lucky students pass the entrance exams with a prospect of studying in CZ for the next 2-6 years.

While the entrance exams are for sure the hardest part, making sure you’ve got the paperwork right is also important. First of all, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from your university by post. Together with this letter you’ll get a schedule with a date of your enrollment into studies and a list of necessary documents you’ll have to provide.

Translation of your grades certificate

The grades certificate you got from school needs to be translated into Czech language. But where to find a Czech translator, if you’re still in your home country? Very easy, just contact, you can send us the certificate by post and we’ll be happy to arrange the translation for you. If you’re already in the Czech Republic, you can bring your certificate directly to one of our 5 offices. Please take into consideration it takes a few days to process the translation.

Notarial copy of grades certificate

Before arranging the translation of your grades certificate it’s best to make a notarial copy of the certificate since your university is going to keep it and you don’t want to lose your original. When a copy of the original document is made by a notary, it serves as a proof that it is a true copy of the original. A notarial copy may replace the original in certified translation and helps you keep the original intact for other purposes in the future. Ask our consultant in charge of translations to arrange a notarial copy for you.


You might also be required to provide a nostrification of your diploma to prove that your previous education is recognized in the Czech Republic. Nostrification itself is quite a complicated procedure, however with it’ll come down to submitting your documents and waiting for the result as we will take care of the necessary procedures.

Make sure you know where to go

You can get all the paperwork done but such a small thing as getting lost in a foreign city can well ruin your first university day. Make sure you know where enrollment takes place and where the classes will be held. Actually, during enrollment day you’ll most probaby get a tour around university and campus, so you’ll be more familiar with the surroundings. Still, it’s never a bad idea to have a gps or a map application in your phone just to make sure.

Find a place to stay

It’s not an easy task to pick an apartment via internet, without seeing it in person. Most probably, you’ll have a few apartment viewings scheduled for when you first arrive to Czechia. Keep in mind September and October are busy months compared to the rest of the year as so many students and other newcomers are searching for accommodation. Instead of getting a studio for yourself consider sharing a bigger apartment with some fellow students. Or widen your search to neighboring districts.

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