The Best Universities for Foreign Students

To get a degree abroad has become a common practice for the past years. Students from Asia, Middle East, and Europe start their search for universities abroad in the beginning of every school year. Many of them choose to study in the Czech Republic thanks to the high availability of education, great variety of study programs in English and low living costs. The Czech Republic also has to offer a wide range of universities to choose from. So which ones are the best for foreign students?

Charles University in Prague
Charles University in Prague

Charles University

Needless to say how prestigious is considered a diploma of the oldest European university. Charles University, founded in 1348, has faculties in many locations around Prague. Also, three of the faculties are located in Hradec Kralove and Pilsen. Charles University offers students a great variety of study programs in the Czech language. However, most of the faculties provide study programs and courses for international students in English, French, and German. Also, two forms of studies are possible: either full-time internal studies or part-time external studies.

Charles University, lecture hall
Charles University, lecture hall

Masaryk University

Masaryk University, established in 1919 in Brno, is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic and the leading higher education institution in Moravia. Masaryk University comprises nine faculties (Law, Medicine, Science, Arts, Education, Economics and Administration, Informatics, Social Studies and Sports Studies) offering degrees in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines.

Masaryk Unviersity, Brno
Masaryk University, Brno


MU is also the largest employer in Moravian Region, providing jobs for over five thousand people. Masaryk University is open to all international students who want quality education for their future career in over 1400 fields of study. If you feel like student life in Brno would be nothing exciting, keep in mind that Brno is a true student city. Out of over 370 000 people of its population, up to 80 000 represent students.

Anglo-American University

Anglo-American University is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. This educational facility successfully combines the best of American and British academic principles with Central European traditions. AAU offers international students a wide range of study programs in English: preparatory programs, undergraduate programs (Bachelor’s degree), graduate programs (Master’s degree) and professional programs (MBA).

The AAU Library houses the largest English-language book collection
The AAU Library houses the largest English-language book collection


What’s even more incredible, the best students can study in AAU for free as the university provides scholarships based on academic achievements throughout the year. Students’ life in AAU is pretty diverse with the student council’s support and plenty of students’ clubs to choose from.

University of New York Prague 

Since 1998, UNYP has been offering the best English-language higher education in Central Europe, with a focus on Business Administration, Communications, Finance,  IT Management, Marketing, International Economic Relations, English Language & Literature, and Psychology. UNYP is the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic. All study programs are delivered in English, enabling international students to feel comfortable in the foreign environment. University currently has over 800 students from over 60 countries.

UNYP building in the historic district of Prague
UNYP building in the historic district of Prague

Best universities for Erasmus

The Czech Republic is popular not only for long-term studies but for exchange short-term study programmes tooStudy Portals organization each year issues special certificates of satisfaction with studies at European universities based on the evaluations of thousands of students participating in a short-term study visit abroad.

The Masaryk University in Brno took the first place this year regarding the statistical data provided by Study Portals. In the 2014/2015 academic year, just the Erasmus+ programme brought 462 students from all over Europe to the Masaryk University. The Masaryk University was followed by the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Economics, Prague.

UNYP nationalities of students
UNYP nationalities of students is a project, started a couple of years ago. Each year we allow more foreign students to experience the joy of studying in the university in the very heart of Europe. Our services are complex, including admission process, assistance at the entrance exams, visa administration and relocation. We are here to help you to adapt to the new circumstances from the beginning of your academic career until the successful end. Contact us today if you want to study in Europe!

Find more universities in the second part of the Best Czech Universities article!

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