What If I can’t Find an Apartment?

In September demand for long-term accommodation increases exponentially, just like demand for red roses and heart-shaped chocolates before Valentine’s day. Why so?

To start with, the 1st of September is the beginning of a school and university year. As Czech Republic is a popular destination for foreign students’ education, hundreds of students arrive to CZ in the end of August to start their search for accommodation. On the bright side, students mostly go for more spacious apartments with several bedrooms, so that they could share the flat (e.g. the living costs) with a few other flatmates.

Apartment in Vinohrady Prague 2Apartment in Vinohrady Prague 2
Apartment in Vinohrady Prague 2

It might strike you as a surprise, but many international companies also have September alligned as the beginning of financial year. This means new funds are released into corporate budgets and new positions are opened making September one of the most popular months to hire new employees. Some employees get transferred from other offices abroad, some new ones are hired, and just like students they arrive to the Czech Republic to start their new jobs. Naturally, they all need a place to stay for the duration of their employment contracts.

1-bedroom apartment in Prague 1
1-bedroom apartment in Prague 1

As a result apartments disappear from the market within hours, especially those reasonably priced. What should you do, if every viewing you’ve arranged got cancelled last minute because the apartment has already been taken? What if some landlords don’t even bother to answer to your messages? What if you’ve posted a “looking for an apartment” ad in several Facebook groups without any luck? Here are some tips from Foreigners.cz experienced Relocation Consultants:

Contact a reliable agency

Barbora relocation consultant at Foreigners.cz
Barbora, Senior Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz

This step is crucial. How do you recognize, if the agency is reliable enough? They will return your calls, answer to your emails, give you detailed information you required and arrange everything to your satisfaction. Why contact the agency in the first place? Because we have hundreds of apartments in the database, which is updated daily! Your options increase big time, it’s much better to choose from dozens of apartments instead of contacting individual landlords, who might not even return your calls.

Set your priorities straight

Having a precise understanding of what your future home should look like is the key. Take your time and visualize, dream of your future apartment, imagine it in great details. Location, layout, colour of the walls, size of the bathroom, view from the window. When you have a straight vision you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for. Also think of which features are the priority for you: for example, you could live without a big dining table, but a nice view from the window is a must for you.

Maria, Senior Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz

Trust your intuition

Usually, the first impression is the most accurate. If you went on a viewing and you really liked the apartment, don’t over analyze it. There is no need to think about it for 2 days, trying to find the flaws which might not even exist. During peak season apartments got booked very quickly, while you’ll be hesitating, somebody else is going to move into your dream flat.

Olga, Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz

Increase your budget

Martin relocation consultant at Foreigners.cz
Martin, Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz

Sometimes your dream apartment can be 1000,- CZK over your budget. Just think about it, 1000,- CZK means 4 dinners out a month, 1 dinner out weekly. Could you survive without 1 meal out a week for the sake of living in the apartment of your dreams? That’s a good question to ask yourself. The price of the apartment is always justified. So if you can’t find anything within the price range you set for yourself, try to increase your budget a little bit and see what happens 🙂

Be open-minded

Sometimes we set unnecessary boundaries for ourselves. Like if your office or university is located in Prague 2, you focus on apartments in Prague 2 only. But what about Prague 3 and Prague 10, which are Prague 2 neighbours offering great apartments for much lower prices?! This is what you need relocation consultants for, to broaden your options and show you the opportunities you haven’t thought of.

Lukas, Relocation Consultant at Foreigners.cz

If you can’t find an apartment, do not panic. Stay calm knowing that your perfect apartment will find you sooner or later. In case you’re truly desperate, check out daily updated Foreigners.cz apartments’ database and do not hesitate to give us a call!

2-bedroom apartment in Prague 3 Zizkov
2-bedroom apartment in Prague 3 Zizkov

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