Guide to Picking Best Location to Live in Prague

If you plan to move to Prague soon for work or studies you might have already done your research and found out Prague is divided into districts, every one of which has been designated a number. In brief, Prague 1 and 2 are the most central ones, while Prague 12 and 15 are quite remote.

It’s easy to fall into this trap and start following the logics “oh, if my office is in Prague 4 then I should pick an apartment in Prague 4″ or “if my university is in Prague 2, I should search for flats in Prague 2 only”. Such approach gives you a very limited number of options, most of which lying way beyond your budget.

So what should you do instead? First of all, start with checking out the map of Prague districts.

prague map of districts

From this map, it’ll be clear to you, that Prague 2 is very close to certain parts of Prague 3, 4 or 10. That Prague 6 is neighbors with Prague 2, as well as Prague 5, 2 and 4 are neighbors.

You will see, that even if your university is located in Prague 2, your apartment can easily be in Prague 4 or 10. This way you will have a much wider range of options, unlike if you were “stuck” within one district. Besides, public transport in Prague is so efficient! You’ll get to your office or university within minutes.

Keep in mind, September is a busy month and if you haven’t found your apartment in advance you’d better be open-minded to all options there are. For more useful tips you might want to check out another article, “What if I can’t find an apartment“.

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