Czech Apps you MUST have in your mobile

Nowadays, It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones making our everyday life easier and save us time & energy. We bring you some tips on brilliant Czech apps you absolutely HAVE TO download! All apps are in Czech – a fun way to practice your language skills. However, there is always a chance for improvement with experienced language teachers.



Portmonka (= Wallet) App has the biggest number of downloads in Czech AppStore. What is so special about this app? It allows you to have all customer loyalty cards in your mobile instead of your wallet. Thus, the cards do not take all the space and are always on hand. Portmonka is such a smart app, that by using geolocation service it’ll find the card you need based on the store location! app will become your best friend and guide you through the process of purchasing any type of goods. This app compares prices for millions of products and gives you tips on the lowest price. User reviews allow you to see the quality of selected goods. Products can be browsed by category,  you can even proceed the search based on products’ barcode. Extensive photo galleries and the latest info on the availability of products save you time and make your life easier.

EPP – Pomáhej pohybem

The name of this app can be translated as Help by being active! EPP app, launched by CEZ (Czech electricity provider), brings users a great opportunity not only to do sports, but also support a good cause at the same time. Whether you take your phone  with you on a bike ride or jogging, the app will keep track of all your movements (walking, skiing, running, etc. – everything counts) and generate points that you can then devote to a selected charity project. After you’ve collected a certain number of points, CEZ Foundation will support your project with a donation.

Známý Lékař

Známý Lekář means Known doctor. As the name suggests, this app helps you find a reliable doctor and arrange a visit online. Thousands of other people’s reviews are there to help you choose the best expert. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to search for a doctor at your present location.

Cooking is your passion, but you stayed late at work and didn’t manage to do grocery shopping? No worries, order food delivery directly to your place using magical app. This smart app provides the largest selection of restaurants. All you need to take care of is choose your favourite cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Czech, etc. Have a look at the website too!

Annie Fed