First MeetUp!

Last week, I attended my first MeetUp ! The event took place in a restaurant in the city center of Brno.

You don’t remember or don’t know what a MeetUp is ?

Well, a MeetUp is an event that gather all and partners around drinks and food. The aim of this event is to meet new people, share impressions about Brno or Czech Republic. It is also an occasion to know the team out of the office. and Brno January Meet Up!

The Meet Ups are monthly events organized by and It’s when expats who are working, studying, and living in the Czech Republic meet up once a month to catch up, network, meet new people, and share a few laughs over a few beers. Brno’s January Meet Up even had a beer drinking competition. Read on to learn more, & we hope to see everybody during February’s Meet Ups.