My first mini-MeetUp!

 Tuesday, I had my first mini-MeetUp. I didn’t know exactly what it implied. Basically it is a meeting that gathers people from foreigners and people that have a link with foreigners. So during this meeting you will find people from different countries. It is about spending a great time around a glass of wine.

Yesterday we went to a wine retail outlet situated in the city center of Brno called “Nabidka Dne” to try some red

wine (Czech’s wine which is produce at the border between Austria and Czech Republic).

I’m not a red wine lover, so when I have been told that in this place they were selling the best red wine ever, I was kind of skeptic. Because, I’m from France and we are well known for many things and particularly for our wine, and for me nothing is better than French wine.

   I had been given a glass of this red wine called “Rezler”, and the first thing that I noticed was the smell. I think that I will remember it forever. I mean it was the best smell ever for a wine! Some people there were said that it smelt like flowers, well I think that it smelt like candy (or at least something sweet). I drank a sip of it and it was not that bad. Usually, I don’t drink red wine at all but this one I could drink at anytime.

I have been told that when drinking this wine, to better enjoy the taste of the wine we should eat a piece of dark chocolate and then drink the wine. It is an explosion of flavor and really emphasizes the taste of the wine.

To continue the discovery of flavors, I tried a cheese called “Hermelin” that have been flavored with some herbs and olive oil and served with some Czech bread. This cheese is version of our Camembert in France. If you want to try it without going in this place, you can also find it in supermarkets.

Again, I’m not fond of cheese normally, but this one had this particular taste that it is impossible to resist. So I guess that for those who are like me, not cheese lovers, well you should try this one, because the taste is not strong, and the smell just makes you want more.

I think that my mom would be proud of me, because she is the one who is struggling to make me eat some cheese, and each time it is a big NO from me. I think that there were some strange vibrations in this wine retail outlet because I liked two things that I usually hate! How is this possible?

Do I recommend it?

YES, YES and YES! Because this is one of those place that you would never find if you come as a tourist in Brno. When you arrive in front of this place, you would never guess that they are selling really good wine and amazing cheese.

Plus for those who are looking for something authentic, the place will totally meet your expectations.

And going there for a first mini-MeetUp – It is amazing! You will enjoy spending time people you will meet and it is a friendly atmosphere.

After reading this, do you feel ready to participate to a mini-MeetUp! ?

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