A weekend in Pilsen

As a member of the Prague team with Foreigners.cz, I’m always looking for opportunities to visit our neighboring locations. The August MeetUp in Pilsen seemed like the perfect opportunity to get to know my fellow colleagues and visit the town famous for creating the flavorsome; Pilsner Urquell beer.

The famous Pilsner Urquell

80KM outside of Prague, the August MeetUp in Pilsen was held at the “12° Restaurant”. I met my Pilsen colleagues; Martin, Lucia and Dominika and around 30 other people at the event.  Our fellow Pilsen colleagues informed us about sites to see while we were visiting, which included:

Namesti Republiky

In addition to a plague column, the main square has beautiful buildings that seem to be from the Renaissance era.

In the middle of the square, there is the St Bart’s Cathedral and the highest tower of Bohemia (102m and 301 steps).

There are also some original fountains circling the cathedral.

Namesti Republiky

 The Beer Museum

Settled in a medieval house, you will find  and documents in relation with the beer fabrication and consummation in the past.

Each museum room has a specific function in the “liquid bread” production. You can find big bottle and glasses collection, as well as other tools linked with this nice beverage.

The beer museum


Here you will find mazes, tunnels, passages and wells under Pilsen from the Middle Ages.

Pilsen’s Undergrounds

After each visit, you will have a ticket to taste a beer for free in partnering bars.

At the end of afternoon, we had to find another hostel. Thanks to Internet, we have found a cheaper and better one, a room with 3 simple beds and 1 double bed, a mezzanine, a kitchen and even a patio. It was perfect to sip a beer with the sun, before go back to the city center and watch the football game.

Around 8:30 pm, we went to the bar called “The Pub”, where there was a display of beer consumption rankings. These rankings announced bars from “The Pub” network who consumed the largest quantity of beer by table.

The Pub rankings

However, I will not tell you where was our table in the ranking, but Pilsen bar was in the top ranks, particularly before Prague and Brno…

On Sunday, we rested during the morning and we took the Student Agency bus to go back to Prague.

My Impressions

Because of our long hostel research on Saturday, we didn’t have the time to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery which was, in my mind, the most important thing to do. We still enjoyed this weekend and realized that it was very pleasant to leave Prague for a few days. Even if Pilsen is an industrial city, the city center is relatively quiet and relaxing.


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