May MeetUp Anniversary

Last Thursday, we celebrated the one year anniversary of MeetUp at East Village Bar and Diner. It was a really important event for all the team since we were also celebrating the two years anniversary of the opening of Brno’s office.

East Village Bar & Diner

For this special event, we planned several activities but also some presentation from different organization that have upcoming events here in Brno. Among those activities, there was a birthday cake on a paper in which guest had to write their wish for this anniversary. Then there was a raffle that I have to say, had a great success! For this raffle we had I think good prizes such as two tickets for the Grand Opening English stand-up comedy in Brno, voucher for pizza and bowling, a book “On beauty” by Zadie Smith, a voucher for Bistro Franz and a towel !

Anniversary Cake “On beauty” by Zadie Smith













When we arrived at East Village Bar and Diner, we were surprise that actually people were on time at the event! I think this a first time in the history of MeetUp. And before we really had the time to react, there were too many people for the number of seats in the Diner!


As special guest, we had, Dominik Ozdian, Founder of the “Crown Comedy Club” and Stand-up comedy Producer.  He came to present us his event and also the concept of his shows.

I talked a little bit with  him and he explain me that, he has an agency in the UK that select for him the best comedian for his shows according to previous recommendations. He continued saying that when he designed the show, he didn’t expected that people would that excited about it. So he thought about exporting the show in Bratislava another capital city. But everyone pushed him to make another show here in Brno because there is a big community of foreigners and that it would probably have the same success as in Prague. Indeed, in a bar in Prague there were more than 200 persons attending this event. And seemed like the audience was more than receptive to the humor of the comedians.

Grand Opening English Sand-up Comedy

So, I have the pleasure to tell you that there will have a show produced by the Crown Comedy Club on June 12th, 8 p.m. at Metro Bar.

We also welcomed the Future Shorts Brno that came to present us their movie festival that will begins today. They explained that all movies were subtitled so if some expats want to attend this event, they are more than welcomed!

Before attending the MeetUp, I was working on a video for this special event. My idea, was to make something that will help expats knowing about the team but also make something funny. According to the feedbacks I made a good job!

We also prepared something special for this MeetUp, since Chelsea will leave Brno at the end of June, we offered here some little presents. And as love her so much and that we knew she loved talking in public, we asked for a speech. I’m pretty sure if the most embarrassing moment she had here in Brno!

Chelsea receiving a gifts

According to me, but also to the team members, this May MeetUp has been a success! We really didn’t expect that. I really had fun and met knew people.

We are grateful that so many people decided to join us for this special event.

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