The Prague May MeetUp!

As each month, the Team organizes its MeetUp! For the third successful time, the event took place at the really nice Pizzeria Kmotra Kavarna. Best of all, a pizza was the prize for the winner of the “Ice-Breaking Game.”

Old and new heads

Each time, I wonder if I will see some of the people I have met before, and who I will be meeting for the first time – at each MeetUp I get to see people from my first MeetUp and also meet others other who  just recently discovered this event.

And tonight, we welcomed a prestige person! Actually producer and owner of the Crown Comedy Club, Dominik Oždian was here with us to promote the original “English Stand-up Comedy” in Prague. It will take place at Music Club & Bar Phenomenon on the 11th June, at 8p.m.

We also welcomed both of the organizers of Expats Games. This special event is held on Saturday 25th May 2013 in the grounds of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague 6 – Suchdol. It will be a day that offers sport competition and cultural exchanges between Czech people and foreigners. Join on the 25th!

Another important fact of the evening – it was a team member’s birthday! Hana didn’t expect the gift from her colleagues, but the MeetUp was a really nice place to give her a gift with some great company.

Hana and her Birthday gift

The Ice-Breaking Game

During each MeetUp, there is the famous ice-breaking game. A little reminder: this game starts in the middle of the evening, when everybody is here and has taken a place. The goal of this kind of event is to make exchange easier between people, who have sometimes difficulties to start conversation. The ice-breaking is different each time.

Tonight, it was the game of “broken quotation.” The rules are easy: each participant had either the beginning of the quotation with the famous people’s name or the end of the quotation. The duo which succeeded to fix the quotation won a pizza! It’s not necessary to mention that it didn’t take too long.

After 5 minutes, the first duo won with the humorous quote of Marlene Dietrich “In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact”. My quotation was the end of Isaac Asimov’s one “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful; it’s the transition that’s troublesome”.

As a team player and gracious winner, Dimitrij, one of the winners, shared the pizza with everyone who wanted a slice.

These are different quotations that we had to connect:

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