The Prague April MeetUp

Every month we organize a MeetUp in a restaurant or in a bar, in Prague. This event an opportunity to meet foreigners and Czechs in order to share experiences and interests over a meal and a beer (or several :))

This night, we were at Pizzeria Kmotra Kavárna. It’s a very nice place as you might be able to figure out because it’s the second time that we have gone to this pizzeria. There is a nice variety of pizza options, the environment is really delightful, and the restaurant is not too noisy so it is easier to converse with everybody.

French tourists at the Meet Up

My friends of La Rochelle, the city where I study, came to Prague to see me for a few days. So, I invited them to the Meet Up in order to meet foreigners and speak in English.

At the beginning, they were shy and scared to speak in English, but after some beers the language barrier reduces considerably.

The evening passes by so quickly when you are have a long conversation with another foreigner because you can share some tips, hobbies, and generally, you are speaking with a small group of 4 or 5 people so there isn’t awkward silence. In spite of different cultures, you find you always have something in common with everybody.

So quickly in fact that we had planned and icebreaker game but everybody was so busy talking we didn’t need a game to break the ice!


To finish the MeetUp, after long conversation with some foreigners, I suggest to them we do an interview so that I could share it with you.

I have wanted to do an original interview. In the first part, questions about them and Prague, their activities, and in a second part, questions off topic. We would see in spite of different cultures, they have some similarities.

Interview with Roman, Marco and Nurlan

1) Where do you come from and why are you in Czech Republic?

  • Roman: I come from Germany but I was born in Russia and I moved at 12 years old. I am in Czech Republic for work, in Recruitment.
  • Marco: I come from Sicilia, Italy, and I am here for work too, in Analyst and Consulting team.
  • Nurlan: I come from Kazakhstan but and I live in Czech Republic since I was 6 years old. I came for studies but I work now in IT – Technical Support

2) How did you know

  • Roman: I was looking for a flat and I have found this real state agency on internet.
  • Marco: One of my friends saw the website and told me about it.
  • Nurlan: A friend had already used its services and

3) Did you know some people when you arrived in Czech Republic?

  • Roman: Yes, I knew some people of my company
  • Marco: Yes I had friends as Erasmus student
  • Nurlan: No but after 6 years yes a lot!

4) Do you like this kind of event?

  • Roman: Yes of course, it’s the opportunity to meet lot of people and why not make good friendship.
  • Marco: Yes, it’s the second time that I come to Meet Up and I like it so much. I can see again attendees and meet new ones!
  • Nurlan: Yes, the fact that it brings together lot of different nationalities is really interesting. I can meet people of the same age, in a nice place and non-smoking area!

5) Now, it is the question of the day: Do you think there is another kind of life on other planets?

  • Roman: Of course, probably on several planets because universe is so huge!
  • Marco: Yes it is possible. We cannot say there isn’t another because we don’t have discovered everything.
  • Nurlan: Yes! I could write a book about it! There is so many different theories about it! Yes of course I am sure there are other lives.

I like or I would like to be

Roman – Germany

Aurélie – France

Nurlan – Kazakhstan

Marco – Italy

A color


Mustard Yellow



An animal





A country





A city




New York

A job

Football Player


Reporter for TV Show


An athlete

Mohamed Ali

Laure Manaudou

Fedor Emelianenko

Michael Phelps

A singer

George Michael


Roger Waters


An event

FIFA World Cup

Olympic Games

Space mission on Mars « Curiosity »

Olympic Games

My impressions

It was my second MeetUp and at this one I was much more outgoing than during the first MeetUp I attended. I didn’t hesitate to speak with other foreigners so I had an evening that flew by. Furthermore, my friends who were visiting on holiday told me that the MeetUp was one of the best experiences of the trip!

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