First MeetUp!

Last week, I attended my first MeetUp! The event took place in a restaurant in the city center of Brno. You don’t remember or don’t know what a MeetUp is?

Well, a MeetUp is an event that gathers all and partners around drinks and food. The aim of this event is to meet new people, share impressions about Brno or the Czech Republic.

It is also an occasion to know the team out of the office. I was waiting for this since the day I came as an intern at Everyone was talking about this event, saying it was really a good way to socialize when coming here.

We created activities for this event: we choose two of them for the MeetUp- the food contest (that consist in covering the participants’ eyes, making them try a different kind of food and they will have to guess what kind of food it was) and the story-line (which consist in giving the beginning of a story, then the guests will have to give the rest of the story respecting the thread of the plot).

But finally, we decided to do just one of them: the food contest. As a part of the team, I hosted the “food contest” with another agent, and I like to think we did a good job! Plus in order to have feedback about the event, we created the guest book in which everyone could write something about the event, even give some ideas about the next one.

Did I enjoy this event?

I enjoyed being around, talking with some people. I even had the good surprise to meet people that talked french! It was great to speak French during a party. It was an interesting moment. I also met someone whose brother lives in my hometown. Like we say “this is a small world”.

Because how many chances I had to meet someone who knew things about my city? It was an amazing MeetUp, I hope that the next one will as great as this one. Talking about MeetUp, I can’t wait to attend to the one-year anniversary MeetUp in May!

And what about you? Have you ever attend this kind of event? Or do you feel like participate to such event when arriving in another country?

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