March MeetUp in Prague

The March MeetUp was very important for me because it was the last one I will participate in with team.
There was a change of atmosphere for this March 14th MeetUp, offering a new place to meet people, this time it was at Pizzeria Kmotra Kavárna.

A new team member

As I have said earlier, it was without a doubt the most important MeetUp for me. This time around it was less stressful than my first because I was picked up only the day before at the airport.

The intern who will replace me at the end of the month, Pierre, (yes an other French ;)) was about to attend this MeetUp.
I think it was interesting for him to go to this MeetUp before starting work. He was able to meet the team in a different context, and it was also a way to make the braiding torch, even if a MeetUp is not a competition.

An Evening Full of Fun

New place for the MeetUp was accompanied with new faces. To my surprise, I met a lot of people I have not seen at the previous MeetUps. The location of the event took place at the Pizzeria Kmatra Kaverna. We rented the non-smoking room in the pizzeria. I met Italian, Portuguese, Americans, Germans, and more. The greetings were particularly nice since they were spent around a pizzas with the large amount of topping choices, which are delicious and for an affordable price.

Generally, my favorite moment of the evening is the ice breaking game. It is always at this game the spirit of the MeetUp changes, everyone starts talking and laughing, and already having a few drinks probably helps people to become more talkative.

The ice breaker game changes every month. This month the game was simple, and a lot of fun. We wrote the names of famous people or fictional characters people on stickers, then you had the sticker on your forehead without seeing the name and asked you to guess the name. You also have the name game in a scene of Inglorious Bastards movie  if my explanations were not clear enough 😉

The ice breaking game

If you want to see more pictures you can go to our facebook page.

My impressions

I was very pleased to participate at this last MeetUp as all other MeetUp because everyone shares with you where they work, their  experiences, their country of origin, the different habits of a country to another. It is also interesting to chat with people a little more shy, or talking with people who are passionate about traveling. I am also more than happy to have had the opportunity to work with a team that is always in a good mood for each event.

Thank you everybody and I hope you will be more and more for next events. It was a real pleasure to meet you.

Take care of yourself.
Pierre now it’s your turn 🙂

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