Top 10 Suggestions to Consider Before Renting a Flat

It is hard to find an accommodation, which exactly meets what you expect, isn’t it? It will probably take days, even weeks to find the best apartment that you are looking for. After these tiring searches, you may feel hopeless and desperate. However, here are the top 10 suggestions by the experts, you can consider for your flat searches. They will help to make the process easier and quicker!


1- Location

The writer of ABODO (an apartment search site) Sam Radbill underline the importance of location as: “If you’re moving from out of town, often you take the first apartment you see. But you should do your home search and make sure it is a good personal fit.

2- Duration of the Lease Agreement

Radbill continues: “As simple as it sounds, some landlords will not clearly state that a lease is six or 12 months unless you ask. If you love your place and your lease ends, you’d not to have to move because they put it back on the market without asking you first,” Besides, asking about the length of the lease, you should ask about the deadline, and the possibility to renew it. You can find out more about the Czech lease agreement and a few things to keep in mind about lease agreements.

3- Annual Rent Increases

One of the most important things is how much the rent increases annually. You should know that how much the rent can increase and how much advance notice your landlord is required to give you. Sam R. explains it as: “Make sure you ask about annual rent increases, which are typically based on property tax increases in your city.”

Besides, you should be aware that the apartment prices in Prague have risen (UPDATED on December 2: the link was removed – website not found), and the average price for a new house rose 2.5 percent to Kč 88,500 per square meter. The annual increase of rent is 21.2 percent.

Alongside, Brno is also in the price rising wave. It is hard to see a new residential construction in Brno, and for having fewer flats to move in leads to the higher prices.

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4- Talk with the Current Residents

“Try to talk to some current residents about maintenance service, timeliness in response to maintenance requests, as well as the overall ease of living in the building,” Radbill said. “If basic maintenance is that slow, you might not want to sign a lease in that building,” said Radbill. You may ask simple questions to learn about what it’s like to live there.

5- Possibility to Break the Lease

The other important issue is knowing if and when you can get out of your lease. “In many cases, job offers come or personal issues occur that result in a need to move immediately,” said Radbill. “Find out if you can break your lease. Usually, you cannot. But if you can, that might make the apartment a bit more appealing.”

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6- Allowance to the Pets

Many apartments have rules about having pets in the building such as their kind, the number, size and even breed. You should learn about the details to have your pet in the apartment.

7- Observing the Landlord

You should learn about any issues with the property and the truth about your landlord. You should observe that how the landlord responds to your questions. Besides, you can ask some extra deep questions to make sure you about the apartment, and he will probably get along with you.“Of course, the landlord is interviewing you, but keep in mind that you’re also interviewing the landlord,” said Radbill.

8- Security Deposit

When it comes to the security deposit, you should do some preventions to protect your money with a documented walk-through of the property. You should take the photos of the apartment before you move in and the day before you move out. In addition, don’t forget to save the photos until you’ve moved out and received your deposit. It will protect you from the illegitimate damage charges.

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9-Vibe of the Apartment

The managing broker of Mesa Properties, Steve Shwetz warn the tenants about the peace of the home as: “Be sure to go to the place you are looking to rent both on the nights and weekends,”  “Some apartments are very quiet during the workweek and become party central on nights and weekends.” Thus, you may find the perfect apartment in a good location, but noisy neighbors can ruin the vibe of the place.

10- Safeness

Some neighborhoods may seem safe, however, when you start to live there it would turn into an uncomfortable place to live. Shwetz underlined it as: “Use a crime reporting website to determine what crimes have been reported in the surrounding neighborhood,”  “You may think it’s safe, but a crime map will give you an unbiased picture.”

On the other hand, In case of the damage and unwilling accident to your house and even your personal belongings such as your computer, you can have household & liability insurance to get rid of the trouble of the daily-life problems.

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The experts emphasized the most important details when searching a flat to rent. Now, you know what to do, and where to look at in the apartment searching process. However, as you see there are lots of things to consider and be careful about it, thus you can take the easy step to find your dream home and contact our Relocation Consultants, and let them help you to find your house! Furthermore, the VIP package, which offers, will be your navigator, you can check it out more about it on our blog!

Last of all, you don’t need to tire yourself with all these processes, we are here to help to find your dream apartment in the Czech Republic. will do everything that you need for your accommodation!

Source: 10 things to look out for when renting an apartment

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