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After 10 years of providing a wide range of supportive activities for expats in the Czech Republic, Foreigners is coming up with a new service: besides apartment rentals, we can assist you when you decide to whether purchase or sell property in the Czech Republic.

Once you find yourself living in the Czech Republic for quite some time, having a stable job and feeling at home you may start thinking about future housing or investment. Perhaps, you want to leave your rented apartment and move in your own flat or house because you are expecting a family, you already have a family here or because you simply feel that you are grown up and you want to live in a property which you can design according to your style.

Owning a property is a prosperous way how to invest your money.
Owning a property is a prosperous way how to invest your money.

On the other hand, there are still more and more expats who want to purchase a property in the Czech Republic as an investment. It is worldwide proved that investing in real estate is more profitable – return on your own investment up to 20% – than other types of investments, such as buying gold (platinum, silver, jewelry,…), art or stocks. And it is much more fun 🙂

Based on a decade of being active on the real estate market, we can give you our professional support in both of the cases:

Why buy property with us?

  • we cooperate with local developers
  • we know what you need to know – we know what to ask and we get the answers for you
  • on a single spot, we will assist you with all paperwork that’s requested (contracts both in English and Czech, legal issues, etc.)
  • in the case of an investment, we are able to tell you for how much money you can rent it and we can even find you a solvent tenant(s)
  • if you are hesitating whether to buy a specific property or not we can give you exact data why or why not the property is suitable and profitable for you

Why sell property with us?

  • we will spread your offer not only among Czech people but also among expats and our internal clients’ database so there is a higher chance that you sell your property in a short time
  • we will take professional photos of your property for promotion
  • we can take potential buyers to see the property without your presence so you don’t spend your time with it
  • we will assist you with all bureaucracy and legal issues related to the sale
  • we will take care of the entire process so you can have a calm night sleep knowing that nothing was neglected

Are you interested in buying/selling property in the Czech Republic with our help?

If so fill in the non-committal form and we will get back to you.

Also, on June 13 we will hold a webinar free of charge where our CEO & CFO will share practical information about the property market in the country. Find out more information about the webinar including the registration link HERE.

As a follow-up of the webinar, we will organize a seminar on the same topic going deeper on Wednesday, July 24 in Brno with a financial advisor as one of the speakers. Find the event details HERE.

Last but not least, join the Facebook group where we share news about the property market in the Czech Republic so you stay up to date.


The purchase/sell service is available in Brno and Olomouc only so far.

The apartments/houses for sale are displayed on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a wider offer that is not online.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Lucie Patkova

Hello, our dear blog readers! Since I am passionate about sharing interesting and important information, it's my pleasure to keep you updated what's going on in the Czech Republic so you feel at home here ;-)

2 thoughts on “Buy or Sell Property in the Czech Republic with Foreigners

  1. Hi,

    I’m from Sri Lanka. My daughter is studying medicine in brno and my younger daughter also hopes to start her studies in brno. Our family hope to move to czech republic because our daughters have to study for a longer period and I and my husband are both graduated .

    If we move in to czech republic and buy an apartment,
    1.What are the advantages we get and the rules and regulations of procedure of buying an apartment. ( terms and conditions )?

    2. What’s the procedure of finding a job for us?


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