Localities for Purchasing Property in Brno

Many people are strongly interested in purchasing property in the territory of the European Union. The Czech Republic is considered one of the best options for purchasing according to the latest statistics – it’s ranked among the most developed countries in the world. Brno is also keeping up: it’s the second largest city in the country and the number of expats is growing every year and currently, it’s about 50,000 foreign students and expats living in Brno. In the article, we will sort out what the best localities for buying property in Brno are, considering the requirements of different people.

A view from the window in Starý Liskovec
  • An expat with a family (partner and children)

The first thing an expat with a family should be aware of while looking for a property is availability and easy access to a kindergarten, school, and doctors. In Brno, Nový Lískovec, Stránská Skála, Řečkovice, and Líšeň are deemed to be excellent options surrounded by nature and gorgeous views.

  • A young couple

It depends on whether a couple is looking for cheap accommodation or property located as close to the centre as possible. However, in both cases, anywhere with easy access to the city centre such as Královo Pole, Veveří, Zábrdovice, Pisárky, Kraví Hora, Štýřice would do just fine.

  • A work-oriented individual

Here it works the same way as with a young couple: a person will most likely demand easy access to the centre and prefer property situated not very far from business parks. Our relocation consultants recommend considering Mendlovo náměstí, Pekařská street, Úvoz, Štýřice or Starý Lískovec.

  • A sports person

A sportsperson will surely appreciate nature, parks, cycle tracks, or jogging paths. Bystrc, Brno Reservoir, park Lužanky, and Anthropos would be great options for those who are interested in an active lifestyle. Our Project Manager Markéta also suggests a neighborhood near DRFG Arena: there’s a cycle track passing through from Olympia Shopping Centre and leading all the way to Brno Reservoir.

A beautiful sunrise at Brno Reservoir
  • A nature lover

Take a look at Bystrc, Brno Reservoir, Akáty, Hády, Kohoutovice, Nový Lískovec, and Stránská skála. There are many parks and forests in these neighborhoods, where you can be closer to nature. These districts also have a good connection to a highway which can take you to a natural reserve.

  • A person with a dog

Královo Pole is an excellent choice for all dog enthusiasts. It has a paddock for dogs where you can spend time with your pet. In addition, in the neighborhood around the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, there’s a nonstop ambulance for animals so you’ll always have easy access to veterinarians.

UPD: We held a seminar on the topic of buying and financing property in the Czech Republic on July 24 where the participants found out more about the opportunities of purchasing a house or an apartment in the country.

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