Tips for Living Areas in Prague Based on Your Interests

Have you lived in Prague for a while or have just recently decided to relocate? Do you want to purchase your dream accommodation in the Czech Republic based on your interests? Here are some tips to find out what living areas in Prague would be the most suitable for you!

Prague 2 is the Best Neighborhood for Young, Single Expats

Apart from the city center, one of the most popular districts with expats is Prague 2, especially the Vinohrady quarter.

Vinohrady is one of Prague’s most pleasant districts. The location is perfect for young, single expats who enjoy the life of the city center. Another plus is its easy access to public transportation and its culinary offerings! The area has a huge selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities as well.

Living Areas in Prague
Living Areas in Prague. Source: Copy.

In Prague 2, you will find lots of spacious apartments in old-fashioned buildings with high, vaulted ceilings. However, as with all good things that are discovered by the masses, it is one of the city’s most upmarket districts and the higher prices reflect this. Research indicated that the average flat prices in Prague 2 area is around 103 918 CZK per square meter.


Prague 4, 5 and 6 are the Best Neighborhoods for Expat Families

Prague 4, 5, and 6 are the most popular districts for expats with families. If you are looking for quiet, residential areas with ample green space, a good selection of family housing, as well as international schools in the vicinity, Prague 4, 5, and 6 are the best options.

Living Areas in Prague
Vltava River. Source: Copy.

Prague 4 is located south of the city center on the left bank of the Vltava River, just below Vyšehrad castle. It is a huge district extending far into the outskirts. You can find a lot of modern apartment buildings and single-family homes in Prague 4.

Prague 6, just northwest of Prague Castle, is popular for its large number of parks and nature reserves. Even though it’s a little bit far from town for some people, Prague 6 (Dejvice) is well-connected to the rest of Prague and the airport and has a lower price per square meter than much of the center. The average price of flats per square meter in Prague 6 is 103 451 CZK.

Expats also value it for its large selection of high-standard single-family homes. Several international schools, such as the International School of Prague and Park Lane International School, are located here as well.


Prague 7 is the Best Neighborhood for Nature Lovers

If you’re a nature lover, Prague 7 is one of the best choices! You can choose between Letná and Holešovice.

Letná is one of the favorite places for expats in Prague, particularly among Americans. It is home to many quiet, leafy streets, many expat-friendly bars, and international restaurants. It is also home to the famous Letná beer gardens which offer splendid views of the Old Town just across the Vltava River.

Living Areas in Prague
Letná park beer garden. Source: Copy.

Holešovice is situated quite near the city center. It’s home to the Prague Zoo, the National Gallery of Prague, and the Praha-Holešovice international train station. Some of its neighborhoods are just a short walk from lively Letná and Stromovka parks where dog-walkers, rollerbladers, and beer gardens are plentiful.

The flat prices in Prague 7 areas are considered lower than in Prague 6 or central areas such as Prague 1 or 2. The average price per square meter is 93 599 CZK.


In general, Prague is a lovely city with many great districts that expats can choose from. If you want to know more about other districts, we have an article prepared for you!

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