Public Transport Pass in the Czech Republic Compared to Other Countries

Recently, one of our clients from Taiwan asked us if he can use his Brno transportation pass to travel to other parts of the Czech Republic. Based on that, we decided to clarify how it works in our country in terms of transportation and do a little comparison to several other countries.

As I am currently living in Brno, the city transportation system is different from other cities in the Czech Republic. Public transportation in Brno and in all parts of South Moravian Region is provided by Integrovaný dopravní systém Jihomoravského kraje IDS – JMK (the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System). On the other hand, transportation in Prague, the capital city of the country, is handled by Dopravní podnik hl. m.Prahy (The Prague Public Transit Co).

I lived in Poland for more than two years in the city of Wroclaw. I was using Urban-card to travel within the city since there also people use a different travel pass for a different city.

Public Transport Pass in the Czech Republic Compared to Other Countries
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In India, as original I am from New Delhi, we have a travel pass assigned to each city. I believe this is because the cities vary in their size and the cost of living. In Delhi, the transportation system is operated by Delhi tourism authority. 

Whereas in Taiwan, iPASS (Taiwan)/The iPASS (Chinese: 一卡通) is a contactless smartcard operated by the iPASS Corporation. Both EasyCard and iPASS in Taiwan are accepted for virtually all public transport including KaohsiungMetro, Taipei Metro, buses and TRA. It also serves as an electronic wallet. That’s why our clients was confused and surprised by the system in the Czech Republic!

Do you want to know how public transportation works in the two biggest cities in the Czech Republic specifically? Follow the link for Prague and Brno

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  1. The public transport in Prague belongs into the “Pražská Integrovaná Doprava” (PID, Prague Integrated Transport) and this allows you to use the following means of transport on a single ticket.

    City Buses of lines 100-299 (day) and 500-599 (night)
    Petřín funicular
    Intercity buses of lines 300-399 and 600-699 (however, you have to present your ticket upon boarding)
    Some trains

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