Coronavirus in Czechia: Spain Not Considered Safe Anymore

The Czech government is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation in the world and in response to the pandemic getting worse in some countries they decided to update the so-called Coronavirus Traffic Light System. So far the changes have been only minor, only concerning Spain and Romania.

The Current Situation

Recently, the Czech government decided to classify Spain as an epidemiologically unsafe country (with the exception of the Canaries). This means that as of August 24 there are only two EU countries that are not considered safe – Spain, as previously mentioned, and Romania. The change will affect both, Czech and foreign citizens. 

People arriving in the country from Spain or Romania will have to contact a hygienic station and immediately undergo a test for SARS CoV-2 at their own expense. These people must then inform the hygienic station about the result within 72 hours after entering the territory of the Czech Republic.

Spain and Romania are the only two countries currently considered unsafe.

What about Croatia?

A lot of European countries have also placed Croatia on the list of epidemiologically unsafe countries. The Czech government still considers Croatia safe at the moment and so far there are no plans for changing that. 

The Czech Minister of Health has also announced that another lockdown is unlikely to happen and that potential closing of borders should be a decision carried out by the whole European Union rather than the individual states. 

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Yet it is still unclear what will happen in autumn as the Czech government already caused some confusion regarding the newly reintroduced countermeasures. Let us know and get your residence permit as soon as possible to be safe in the future in case the pandemic returns in full force. Having a residence permit is the best way of making sure you’ll be able to return to the Czech Republic even if the borders are closed again.

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Source of the information:, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (UPDATED on December 7: link removed – server not found)

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