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Bratislava is a small city, but there are plenty of things to do and see, especially in its cute and friendly old town.

Bratislava is only 1-1.5 hrs away by train or bus. Our train tickets cost us about 7-8 euro, and I think a bus is a little cheaper and takes the same amount of time. The Bratislava train station is walking distance from the center of the city, and it even has free Wifi, Jackpot.  But, it’s not the most beautiful of buildings, so don’t judge the city on that. 🙂

T.J. and I went to visit our best friend, Sarah, who was doing an internship there. Once we arrived we immediately went to the Bratislava castle which looks over block style buildings, and a bridge that has a UFO on the top of the structure -awesome. But, We were told ‘Bratislavian’s’ don’t particularly like it’s modern look.

Bratislava Train Station

Next, we went to the old town, its well kept, with lots of shops, restaurants, and pubs – very tourist friendly. It was really quite beautiful and with lots of history, great food, and “Čumil” the famous man at work statue.

Then we went to a pub to celebrate Sarah’s housemates friends birthday, after some wine and shots of Jim Beam Red Stag, we went to our place for the night.

We stayed in a mansion on a hillside near the Bratislava castle.The family business where we stayed was that people would paid to work out in their basement while watching a movie together- it was a rather unique concept to me.

Sarah and myself @ Bratislava Castle

If you are looking to get out of Brno for a night or weekend, Bratislava is the perfect location.

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