This Bot Helps Check Your Visa Application for Free

Are you an expat or an international student waiting for a visa in the Czech Republic? Do you want to be able to check the state of your visa application online, any moment without any inconveniences? Here is a good solution for you: a Telegram bot made for this visa search.

Telegram is a messaging application, something like Facebook Messenger or What’s App, the main point of which is security. It’s claimed to be fully encrypted: it means that all your data like messages, chats, media and voice messages can’t be read without being deciphered first. It doesn’t require a special registration: all you need to do is to download the messenger and enter your telephone number.

What is this bot for?

The bot we are talking about is used for checking the availability of your application number for a visa extension in the list of applications and checking the availability of the letters from the Ministry of Interior. The application number should be typed the following way: OAM-#####/DP(PP)-year. To check your mail, type only your surname as you did in the documents for the application.

If the bot says that your number is has been found in the list – congrats, you got your visa! If not, have patience and wait a little more. The processing time for Czech visa applications often takes more than several months.

After you found your number on the list, you can make an appointment at the Ministry of Interior for the collection of biometric data. The bot will help you with that as well: just follow the instructions.

With the commands /help and /about you can get detailed information about how to use the bot and who’s behind its creation.

The link for the bot is right here.

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