Summer Bucket List

Time flies, in just a few days we’ll welcome August, officially the last summer month. I’m sure I won’t be only speaking for myself, when I say that every summer we have millions of plans which hardly ever are brought to life. Having in mind you’ve got only 1 month left, here is a list of things you can still do before summer is over.

  • Paddleboarding. This fun water activity is gaining popularity, this summer paddleboarding is available not only in Prague on Vltava river but also on smaller lakes around the Czech republic. What about arranging a paddleboard race together with your friends? Make the best of August warm sunny days, they might not last forever.

summer bucket_paddleboarding

  • Hiking. Hiking is a must in the Czech republic! Our country provides so many hidden gems and adventure awaits you almost around every corner. Get some inspiration online, you can visit rural parts of the Czech republic as well as parks, nature sites and castles. Put on your hiking shoes and let the adventure begin! And don’t forget to take care of your feet if you like a special kind of walking – trekking (this article will help you avoid the most popular mistakes)!

summer bucket list_hiking

  • Camping. Camping is hiking brought to a new level. You not only tour around the area, you also stay there overnight, preferably sleeping in a tent as a proper camper. A fire, playing the guitar and chatting till the dawn are also essential.

summer bucket_camping

  • Swimming. If this summer you haven’t yet visited any of the outdoor pools (just like me), please do so. Czech republic might lack sea, but we definitely do not lack water. Outdoor swimming fans can enjoy numerous pools, lakes and even rivers if you’re brave. Water is essential for our well being, so do not miss the chance to dive deep into it.

summer bucket_swimming

  • Picnic. When else is a good time to enjoy outdoor dining if not in summer?! Grab your favourite snack or cook a meal for this special occasion, your friends will surely appreciate the effort. Alternatively, you can just enjoy late lunch/dinner at one of the outdoor terraces (zahradka) which are so popular among locals and tourists in summer.

summer bucket list_picnic

  • Get some tan. In the Czech republic we get quite a reasonable number of sunny days during summer. And it’s scientifically proven that sun tan makes you look healthier and younger 🙂 Even if you’re busy, you can afford to spend an hour sunbathing in the nearby park during your lunch break. You can’t have enough vitamin D!

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