Active summer in Brno

Summer is comingggg, you must be excited waiting for summer holiday. There will be many plans of hanging out with friends, travelling, going to cinema, concerts, learning a new sport or dance, or simple just sleeping in bed late … Let’s make the checklist of things to do together to experience all of interesting activities in Brno in this summer!

Here is our recommendation of five activities that you shouldn’t miss.

Festival of Fun under the Špilberk and Veveří Castles with International fireworks competition

The event “BRNO – CITY IN THE CENTRE OF EUROPE” will bring entertainment, sightseeing, culture, trade fairs, sport, and many attractive programmes to local people as well as visitors in Brno from 27
th May to 19th June.

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Additionally, there will be International fireworks competition festival accompanied by music in Brno Dam Lake on 4 June, 8 June, 11 June and 15 June, where Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal will perform their own compositions in pyrotechnical design of fireworks.

In this festival, the audiences will watch the fireworks in the background of the landing stages and beaches and the area around the large reservoir reflecting the sparkling wonderful view on the surface of the water.

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Grand Prix Brno 2016

This is the MotoGP world championship which is the biggest motorsport event in Czech Republic held from 19
th to 21st August.


Some people think that Brno is a bike-unfriendly town. It is not true. You can enjoy outdoor activity in nice and clean nature with cycling in two main paths, going alongside the two rivers of Brno: Svratka and Svitava. If you don’t like biking to ling hills, path alongside of Svratka is a good choice. You can bike from western part of the town with direction to the south, continuing to lowlands of the southern Moravia. Just continue the direction, you will get to Vienna in two days!

Enjoying beer on the street

Drinking beer
and enjoying the wind and sun in the summer is the best combination for local people and expats. Here are some recommendation of pubs where you can enjoy beer on the street:

Bláhovka pub, 54 Gorkého st. They offer a place for drinking beer standing on a street in almost any weather;

Kamenná st. has beautiful view and unique spirit;

Zelená kočka and Varna, Solniční st. are two of the biggest beer gardens in downtown Brno.

Jungle Park Ropes Course

For the ones who want to enjoy the life in nature in the heart of Brno, Jungle Park is an ideal place with beautiful forest surrounding the Svratka river. They offer different climbing routes, as well as many attraction such as the powerfan, trampoline, poweriser or unicycle. Moreover, you can swim, surf or go on a sightseeing cruise in Brno Dam.

Furthermore, there is a zoo where you can see many kinds of animals from different continents. Beside a busy life in urban, it will be nice, refresh and relaxing to immerse yourself in nature in this such close beautiful jungle in Brno.

Author: Huong Mai, PR intern of Brno 

Nadya Dyakova

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