How to handle the heat?

It’s getting hot in here! The weather forecast is announcing temperature up to 36°C on Sunday so you’d better be prepared to get hot! As you probably want to avoid a heat stroke, you might want to follow our tips on how to handle the heat! sun

  1. Stay hydrated

As tempting as it sounds, a fresh pint of Czech beer will not keep you hydrated, even if it’s composed of 93% of water. It will actually do the opposite effect when your liver will break down the alcohol. So, it’s better to avoid beer and other alcohols and drink water instead. The other drinks to avoid are coffee and tea because of the caffeine. You can also eat your water by having plenty of fruits and veggies which are full of water such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes or radishes.


  1. Eat properly

You might not be hungry because of the heat but it is important to fuel your body properly. It’s better to have several light meals during the day; it will help digestion and avoid you to get hot. As mentioned above, it’s better to have fruits and veggies rich in water.

  1. Keep your blinds down

To avoid the heat invading your house, it’s better to keep the blinds down and let the windows open. If you don’t have any blinds, you can cover your windows with drapes particularly if they receive the sunlight during the day.



  1. Stay cool!

Even if sun bathing looks appealing, it’s actually better to stay indoors during the heat peak of the day, between 11am to 5pm. Spend as much time as possible in the coolest room of your house. Using air conditioning or a fan can help to circulate the air around. You can also splash yourself with fresh water to make your body temperature go down. Dipping in a swimming pool or a lake can be an option but don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

  1. Stay calm!

It’s better to take it easy during hot days. Don’t overdo exercise, at least during the warmest part of the day! Be acquainted with the Spanish ‘siesta’, which is a midday break when people take a nap for several minutes, but it also matches with the heat peak hours of the day.

Nadya Dyakova

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