Coronavirus in Czechia: Respirators in the Workplace, New Test Validity and Stricter Checks in Restaurants

The COVID-19 situation in the Czech Republic is slowly getting worse once again. In reaction, the Ministry of Health has come up with several new restrictions. These include the return of respirators in the workplace from 25 October, and the shortening of validity for both antigen and PCR tests, stricter checks of the O-N-T system in restaurants, and the end of free testing for non-vaccinated individuals from 1 November.


respirators in the workplace

From 25 October, everyone must wear respirators in the workplace unless sat alone.


Respirators in the workplace

The return of respirators in the workplace will come on 25 October. Everyone must wear a respirator in their workplace, including those workplaces that had been given an exception before. You can only take off your respirator if you’re alone in the room.

Reminder: Aside from the workplace, it is still mandatory to wear face-coverings (either FFP2 or KN95) in all means of public transport and interiors of public buildings (including shops, services, restaurants, etc.).

Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said that everyone may be able to take off their respirators completely once at least 75% of the population have been vaccinated (currently it’s only 57,4%).


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New validities for tests, the end of free testing

The government has approved the shortening of test validities, also from 1 November. Antigen tests will now be valid for 1 day. PCR tests will be valid for 3 days

Health insurance companies will also stop covering tests for non-vaccinated citizens from 1 November

Children below 18 years of age, those who cannot undergo COVID-19 vaccination for health reasons, and fully or partially vaccinated individuals can continue getting tested for free. Free testing for these groups includes 1 antigen test per week and 2 PCR tests per month.


Stricter O-N-T checks in restaurants 

The Ministry has also decided that as of 1 November, restaurant staff in the entire country will commence stricter checks of people’s adherence to the O-N-T system. They will be checking whether you have a vaccination certificate, a certificate of illness, or a valid test certificate.

The staff will be checking your certificates once you’ve sat down at your table. This measure does not include food courts at malls.

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