11 Tips to Get Your Property to the Next Level before Selling

Thinking about selling a property of yours? Not sure how to do it, or how to improve the chances of selling it faster? We got one step ahead and collected 11 most important things to do before getting your property on sale!

Even though not a lot of people notice, selling a property takes more than just posting an advert of it online or telling your friends to share it with everyone. It’s more than that and we’re here to guide you successfully through this process.

Top 11 tips setting up your property for sale:


1. Change perspective

Before starting, try and change your perspective. Look at yourself as a buyer, and make notes. What would you change? That old shelf which is almost falling apart, that slightly broken chair or that outdated closet… Everything counts and these little aspects can decide whether you’re gonna have success or not.

2. Clean house, clean soul

One of the most important things to do before presenting your property to possible buyers is, undoubtedly, to clean it! A clean house is, for sure, more appealing than a dirty one. We’re talking sparkles! If needed, consider calling professionals to do the job. We have just the right kind of service, here, at Foreigners.

3. Neutral colors

Forget about that orange wall in your living room that you think gives life to the place – huge mistake! Think about repainting the walls with colors such as white or beige. These colors will give the room a more clean look, and also, it will help make the rooms feel brighter. If the walls are in neutral colors, your potential buyers will not even begin to question if the apartment offers enough light and they will automatically give their attention to the space itself.

4. Smells

Mind any smells present in the place. Bad smells can be a huge turn off to a lot of people, and play a huge part in the decision of (not) buying a property. If they’re bad, get rid of them! Find the source and make sure you extinguish it. After that, try and use an air freshener. A place with a good smell helps the potential buyer to feel more comfortable.

5. Simple décor

A simple décor helps the buyers imagine themselves in the place. Keep it clean, keep it simple. Using pieces of furniture of your specific taste makes the client feel like it’s somebody else’s home and they won’t connect with it emotionally. Get rid of your personalized porcelain or tiger rug. Less is more, don’t forget!

6. Turn on the lights

Let there be light! Natural light is your best friend! Open the windows, doors, let the house breath. If needed, buy some more lamps to help you with dim areas. Let the sunshine in.

One of the best tips is to let your house breath.

7. Into the nature

Usually, a house is a representation of the self. Bring some plants inside! Potted plants or tiny cactuses help you give energy to the space and can help underline special features you want your potential buyers to notice.

8. Organize

From experience, we can tell you that storage spaces (and their lack) play an important role when selling a property. If needed, buy a few extra boxes or dividers. It will evoke an organized image, and buyers can imagine where they’re gonna put that pile of books, all those blankets or that collection of action figures!

9. Close the toilet

Privacy is the key! Keep your toilet closed. It can, surprisingly, make a big difference.

10. Keep your ideas in unison

Try and see the place like it is the first time. If the house has a big TV, don’t place it on a small piece of furniture, or vice versa. Find the right balance, and get rid of anything that doesn’t match the “flow” or feels off-balance.

11. Local housing market

Last, but not least, research your local housing market. Find and compare the prices of properties on sale. Pay attention to factors like the location or special features. In the end, compare them to your property, and you’ll know what to do!


As well as many other articles on the blog, we hope that this one could help and get you new ideas so that after having read them you can sell your property faster and easier.

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