Relocation Consultant Tatiana Raszkova: With a Positive Attitude, Even a Trip to the Maldives Is Possible

Meet Tatiana Raszkova – our Relocation Consultant at Foreigners Brno office! For her outstanding performance and reaching her goal last year, she was rewarded with a vacation trip to the Maldives. For the first time in Foreigners history, someone was rewarded with such a trip! In this interview, we will ask her about her job responsibilities, hobbies, favourite places in Brno, and, of course, her trip to the Maldives!


– Tatiana, how did you learn about Foreigners and how long have you been working here?

I have been working at Foreigners since October 2017, so almost two years. I found an offer on the internet for a position of Project coordinator. The project was called Czech Universities and because I used to work at the university here in Brno with foreign students, I applied. The position was closed and I was offered to work as a Relocation Consultant, so I took it.

– What do you like about your job? Do you have any plans for your career future?

I like diversity and meeting people from around the globe. I can not imagine myself doing a single thing every day. Here, every day is different and I can talk with people about their culture and life first hand. Now, I am preparing for a new challenge – selling real-estate properties. I will help owners (expats) to find people who will buy their properties and also, I will help our clients buy a new home.

– What’s the most challenging part of your job and the most fulfilling?

Honestly, it is both in one. I love challenges and it is very fulfilling when I accomplish them. I feel good if I solve any problem which comes with no stress and with a smile on my face. The biggest challenge is to be a problem solver and a miracle worker. If you keep smiling, everything will go well.

Are you from Brno? How do you find living here? Do you have favourite places in Brno?

I am from Třinec, a town on the border with Slovakia and Poland, famous for its steel factory and ice hockey team. I call Brno a ‘Disneyland for adults’. You can find so many attractions here, every day there is something happening at so many places that sometimes, especially in the summer, I want to be at more places at one moment, so I am very busy then. My favourite place is the area around Petrov, with small, tiny streets.  A great place is Zelný trh with the eye-catching architecture, good food and markets. And also Kamenka is charming for its spirit and people.

– Now, I’d like to ask some questions about you. What’s your source of inspiration? Do you have any hobbies?

My biggest inspiration is the experience of other people. I also find a big portion of inspiration in nature and in the universe itself. About hobbies, I have a garden, so I spend my free time digging in the ground. I love cooking and I love animals, I have two cat boys at home. They are really funny. But most of all, I love music. Especially life music played on instruments. I visit many concerts because in Brno there are many places where you can hear the best music in the whole country.

– How was your vacation in the Maldives? What did you do there? The Maldives is geographically very close to India, and it is a Muslim country. People live there on very small islands and they often work in the travel industry, separated from their families and friends. You can meet people from many countries here, for example, scuba diving instructors from Europe, chefs from India and hotel staff from Bangladesh. They all live on very small islands and they keep their smiles on. This is a place where people go to relax and to see nature – both on the ground and under the sea. Most of the time I was in touch with the sea: I was snorkelling with fish of all kinds and colours, I swam with dolphins in the open ocean, and I even caught a Barracuda fish from a boat and ate it the next day.

– From your experience as the Relocation Consultant, is there the busiest season for searching accommodation? Can you give some tips for people who are looking for an apartment?  

I would not call it the busiest season, because nowadays there are so many people coming to Brno searching for accommodation the whole year round. If I can speak metaphorically, if somebody is looking for a flat, the busiest season is to start looking only a few days before he or she wants to move in. In my experience, the most important thing is to know what you are looking for, what you can afford, and plan it in advance. 

I want to say thank you Tatiana for the interesting interview! And if you, our dear readers, would like to get to know better the other members of Foreigners Brno team, read the other interviews with our Relocation Consultants Thi Thu Ha Tran and Martin Chudoba.


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  1. We are more than 2000 expats living here in ostrava. People keep coming here from USA , Asia and other part of Europe to work for Tieto and all other BPO / SSC that are located here in ostrava. Every year we celebrate st. Patrick week, 4th july, thanksgiving, halloween. Why you never talk about this on national level? Why is just about prague and brno?

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      Thank you for your comment. We’ll take it into account. Wish you a good day!

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