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#LifeInCzechia Are you a sports fan? Then this article is just for you. In this vibrant country, sports are not just pastimes; they are a way of life, an integral part of the national culture that transcends generations and unites communities. Let’s discover the world of popular sports in the Czech Republic, so you can fit in as a true local.


Ice hockey is the #1 sport.


Ice Hockey

Ice hockey stands as the crown jewel of Czech sports. It has a long tradition with a passionate fan base that fervently supports its teams. The country’s top league, the Czech Extraliga, showcases top-notch talent and has produced numerous NHL stars

The first World Championship medal was achieved in 1993 in Germany and the Czech Republic earned the 3rd place. Regarding Olympic medals, the national team won their first gold medal in 1998 at the Winter Games in Nagano.



Czech football (or soccer for US fans) holds a special place in the hearts of Czechs. The country boasts a strong footballing heritage, with a competitive domestic league, the Czech First League, and a history of success in international competitions.

The national team has had its moments of glory, including winning the 1976 European Championship. Czechs take immense pride in their football traditions, and the sport is played enthusiastically at all levels, from youth leagues to amateur clubs.



The Czech Republic has produced some of the world’s greatest tennis players. Names like Martina Navrátilová, Ivan Lendl, and Petra Kvitová have left an indelible mark on the sport. The country’s success on the international stage has elevated tennis to a prominent position in Czech sports.


Czech floorball has a strong base among women.



Floorball has become a very popular sport in the last two decades in Czechia. The Czech Floorball Association was established in 1992 and became an IFF member in 1993.

Czech floorball has gained thousands of players at both the grassroots and professional levels, with numerous clubs and leagues spread across the country.  Every year, an international floorball cup, the Czech Open, is organized in Prague.



Athletics hold a significant place in Czech sports culture. The country has a history of success in various track and field events, from middle-distance running to the decathlon. Legendary Czech athletes such as Emil Zátopek, who won three gold medals at the 1952 Olympics, have inspired generations.


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