Outdoor Cinemas in Prague

Prague is beautiful any time of the year, however, summer has it’s own unique magic. The city seems to switch into a more relaxed holiday mode, which is enhanced by numerous activities only available in summer. It’d be a shame not to mention Prague outdoor cinemas – hang-out spots all over Prague, attracting not only movie lovers. Here’s an ultimate guide on outdoor cinemas in Prague, enjoy!


*Address: Cihelna 4, Prague 1*

Containall at Vltava‘s river bank is a seasonal cultural spot introducing one of the first FREE outdoor cinemas in Prague. Showings are on every Tuesday, however, it’s better to check the schedule on Containall’s facebook page.

Containall outdoor cinema
Containall outdoor cinema

Žluté Lázně

*Address: Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, Prague 4*

You must have heard of Aperol Spritz Cinema near Vltava. Since the cinema is sponsored by Aperol, this year’s theme (as well as last year’s) is Italian cinematography. Free admission as well. Showings are every Tuesday, we suggest you arrive as soon as possible to grab the best seats;) Films are screened in original language with Czech subtitles.

Aperol Spritz open-air cinema
Aperol Spritz open-air cinema

Prague Beach

*Address: Hořejší nábřeží 2, Prague 5*

As the name suggests, Prague Beach is a city beach with a comfortable location close to the city centre. Open-air cinema has screenings almost everyday, where you can enjoy chilled-out atmosphere and free wi-fi. You buy tickets online here.

Prague Beach
Prague Beach

Vyletni Kino Smichov

*Address: Hořejší nábřeží 1126, Prague 5*

Vyletni kino has joined hands with Nabrezi Gallery to create an unbelievable summer atmosphere. You can participate by buying tickets for just 100,- CZK. Come and have a glass beer or lemonade, and enjoy the true MOVIES with a sun setting down by the Vltava river.

Riegrovy sady open-air cinema
Riegrovy sady open-air cinema

Riegrovy Sady

*Address: Riegrovy Sady 28, Prague 2*

Riegrovy Sady is a favourite expats‘ spot. This summer they prepared a special treat for the regulars: open-air cinema with screenings every Sunday and Monday from 9 p.m. The films collection is quite impressive, and admission is for FREE!

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  1. Dear Miss. Fedchenko

    Hello I am Patrick Batuzich a student of Journalism and Communications here in Praha as well as a writer for The Bridge magazine. I am writing because I am doing an article for the magazine about outdoor movie theaters and you pictures used in this blog caught my attention. I was wondering if I could use some of your photos of outdoor cinemas that could be used for the article?

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for contacting me. All the pictures used for the article were copied from the venues’ websites. Every name is a link to the website.
      I would say, feel free to use any of the pictures, just don’t forget to mention the source with a link.

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